Religion Why are atheists so mean towards religion?

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    inb4 religious shit storm
  2. I dislike all religions, not the people who follow them (better make that clear before I'm accused of hating all religious people) because I think it's crazy that in the 21st century they still exist and are followed, despite proof of evolution and no actual proof of any 'god.'
    I also dislike the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses wake me up at 7:30am every Sunday morning to try and convert me. GO AWAY.

  3. It's not atheists in general that are mean to religious people or organized religion, just a small but very vocal minority. Most don't give a fuck.

    I consider myself an agnostic/alltheist. I'll believe something like religion works once I have water proof proof that it indeed does. But I won't go out of my way to find it, live and let live basically.
  4. To be honest I know this probably adds zero input into the topic which has been discussed but I believe we're now in a generation where Religion doesn't even matter. I don't support a religion many teenagers nowadays aren't religious. I think in a few years religion won't even be a problem.

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