Why are Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy not in the main roster?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by RVD_86, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. These two guys are just super talented. They literally have it all in NXT, the look, the wrestling ability and the promo skills. The crowd goes wild for them every week and their matches are full of entertaining creative stuff. I just cannot understand how they have not been fast tracked to the main roster. What more do they have to do or achieve to get there? Especially in times when the main roster is thin and needing a jag of adrenalin. These guys would be perfect.

    NXT has some decent talent at the minute. Chad Gable and Jason Jordan are another phenomenally gifted tag team. Two fantastic athletes who are very creative in the ring and actually have a strong technical ability which is a dying breed in the business in recent times!

  2. Fuck knows, they've been backstage a lot and been appearing at house shows but no sign of them being called up, I would just do it in Chicago on Raw next week. The crowd would be great for a debut there
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  3. It's a legit question my friend and it just comes to add to the so many "why's?" that have piled up these past few months:

    Why is KO having a programme with the Big Show?

    Why are the Wyatts being burried like this?

    Why is Kallisto still doing tag matches when he's the U.S. Champ? And not only that, why is he freakin losing them too?

    Why should will still give a shit about the League of Nations?

    Why is Ryback now portrayed as a Goldberg look a like?

    Why is AJ being wasted in a tag team with Y2J. Enjoyable matches so far, sure, but still feels like a waste to me...

    Why is Roman Reings still coming out to the Shield music and stil wearing the same attire?

    Why is Becky Lynch not in my bed? Just kidding....

    If Strowman is supposed to be a beast, why are WWE holding him back? Show us what he's got...

    Why are Cole and JBL and Saxton still doing commentary?

    Why are guys like Tyler Breeze and Damien Sandow nowhere to be seen?

    Why? Why? Why?

    P.S. And the list still goes on...
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  4. Hold up Enzo and Cass were added to Roadblock along with the revival
  5. My guess is that they'll debut after Wrestlemania. Probably the next night on Raw actually. I would assume Vince would want them to work the main roster for a year before they have a match at Wrestlemania.
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  6. All I can think of is guys usually get called up post Mania ,don't they?
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  7. They'll be joining soon, since there's nothing for them to do in NXT anymore. So, post-Mania RAW is where it's at.

    I'd like for them to work Mania and dethrone The New Day there, but hey, debuting them the night after The Show of Shows would be sweet, too!
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  8. The real question is how long will it take for Enzo and Cass to become the new full time jobbers on the main roster? I don't think they are going to go far.
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  9. Not too confident they'll be used well. They need a long term plan coming in, one that extends after the title feud. Even if it takes till SummerSlam, as long as they do them right. Otherwise they'll end up like every other recent call up not named Owens.
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  10. I really hope these guys don't fall foul to bad booking. This is a great chance for WWE to start fixing a lot of these wrongs they've been making in recent months. They have a potential gold mine they're sitting on with these guys who could be as big as The New Age Outlaws were back in the day I reckon, but unless they're allowed the freedom to do their thing at main stream level and PROMOTOED well instead of "pushed" in Roman Reigns style which ultimately back fires!
  11. Whys it matter? They're just going to end up being booked like shit. It's what WWE does.
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  12. Still assume they were planning on calling them down to the main roster after Takeover-Brooklyn, but the Dudley's came back instead and they haven't really had a great time to get a "hot angle" going... Like so many other callups had "hot angles"... lol

    Plus the madly over New Day feuding with them would secretly be a terrible idea.

    If WWE doesn't give them backstage segments, they're done. Period.
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