Puro Why are NOAH seemingly desperate for Kenta to be their next star?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by seabs, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. I love Kenta, specifically his matches with D Bry in ROH but I can't understand why they're trying to put their eggs in his basket when he's not even considered to be a big draw, surely their target is to topple New Japan and the machine that is Tanahashi but it just isn't clicking with the master of the GTS for some reason, I suppose they seem him as Kobashi's succesor but as the days pass on that looks more and more unlikely.


    Dope pic though.​
  2. He had momentum for a while. NOAH seems to have missed that he lost the momentum he had after the matches with Danielson and Joe.
  3. I don't think he was ever a huge draw in Japan also are you thinking of Kobashi? He never wrestled Joe in a singles match I think, unless you mean the tag match he had against those two.
  4. I thought Kobashi faced Joe tbh. Seemed like Joe always took on the guys from Japan when they showed up for a while.
  5. This is Kobayashi lol, the original (big draw) Kenta retired.

    Original who wrestled Joe

    The one this thread is about
  6. They have nobody else on roster, and they're desperate enough to put this loser on this spot. Pathetic.

    When he and Marufuji wrestled for the title in 2006, the arena had 4000 in it. Week or 2 before when it had Kobashi and crew on the show, it had 16000 in it. That much about his drawing "ability". He's a decent wrestler, but charisma vacuum, and brings almost nothing to the NOAH table.

    Just a big LOL at NOAH these days.
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