Why are Sheamus and Seth not looking dominant?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Aug 10, 2015.

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  1. What I mean is that at Battleground Sheamus was defeated cleanly by Randy Orton and I know Orton is/was skilled and know's his craft but if WWE wants Sheamus to be a future World Champion he has to win the small matches to be World title material.

    Seth on the other hand is winning matches but not in dominating fashion, for example on raw he was nearly defeated by Neville. And I know Neville is very athletic and technically sound but still Seth is supposed to be the World Champion. And you see threads where people are guessing how seth is going to retain at PPV's no one is mentioning he will win cleanly there's always an interruption or something that allows seth to retain without WWE rattling their heads to much.
  2. Sheamo is a MITB holder and we all know they're being jobbed out almost as often as regular jobbers.

    Rollins is a cowardly champ and that's it, they're playing off of that, but that's gotten old real quick.
    I'd be flabbergasted if he beat Cena clean at SummerSlam. inb4Kaneinterference
  3. WWE gave seth the coward heel gimmick
  4. The people in possession of the MITB briefcase are always repeatedly jobbed out to other superstars unless their name happens to be John Cena. Ziggler, Sandow, Rollins, etc. all regularly did jobs to people while holding the briefcase. The booking logic is that their credibility will immediately be restored the second they cash in and become champion (well, except in poor Sandow's case, but he was never meant to keep the briefcase as long as he did anyway), so they're considered bulletproof.

    As for Rollins, he's a chickenshit heel, so he's not supposed to look dominant most of the time. I didn't find any fault with the way his match with Nevillie was booked, though. Neville put on a strong performance against the champion, and Rollins still won the match clean on his own. Win-win.
  5. For all of WWE's "the man makes the title" hype, they presume the title will protect the wrestler holding it.

    The MITB briefcase is essentially an upper-midcard/main event-level title, which is one of the reasons the MITB holder can job out but still be considered a big deal. The other side of WWE's argument, though, would seem to be that Mr. MITB needs to lose so that he seems like less of a threat until the moment he comes out with the briefcase and a referee.

    In Rollins' case, it is, as stated above, a cowardly heel gimmick. From a creative standpoint, you had a long dominant championship run from Lesnar, so it's only natural to have a cowardly heel who has to cheat to win or need luck or outside interference a lot to win to follow that up. Additionally, you have the dynamic that WWE will have the World Champ lose in as many non-title matches and situations as they feel they can get away with, and you have the current Rollins title run.

    As for Neville, he's an up-and-coming talent who is smaller in stature, which automatically means, in Vinny's mind, at least, that he lacks credibility. So, he comes out to challenge for the title and looks terrific against the world champ (including what "should have been" a pinfall over Rollins), but the champ wins the match...basic booking 101, nothing to see here.

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