Why are the fans 'BOOO' at John Cena?

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    Although Cena is the Biggest Superstar in pro wrestling without a doubt, why are the people got to booo on John Cena? I didn't see he doing anythin bad or even he's not a 'heel' then and. now, what happened to the audience? I can't understand why, since I'm a huge fan of cena I'm so sad to see these things.

    I saw this in a review, -->> " But the fact that Cena’s character hasn’t undergone a change for years has left the fans furious, with the lackluster performance of Cena over the years, and the WWE turning a deaf ear to all the complaints and the boos he receives wherever he goes. WWE can’t keep bringing children from Make A Wish for people to cheer Cena on forever, and I, as a wrestling fan, have seen enough of the same stagnant promos and performances over the years. It’s about time WWE tweaks Cena’s character to make it interesting, and I for one hope that will happen sometime soon."

    that review was titled as " WWE: We’ve ‘Cena – ‘nuff’!" :emoji_slight_frown:

    What the hell is wrong with the WWE Creative or John Cena or the Fans...? :angry:
  2. Because 96 percent of his fanbase was told by their parent(s) that he's trash and to start rooting for _______
  3. Because he is over pushed, shuvved down the crowds throats without an alternative in sight. Plus he is booked as a very wholesome Superman like character, which is not what most fans want.
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    That review is exactly how I feel about Cena. He's boring and I am fed up of him being shoved down my throat with any other face getting close to Cena popularity being turned heel to feud with Cena and then lose to Super Cena ( don't get me started on Super Cena.) He makes his opponents look weak when they lose to super Cena.
    I don't think it is all his fault creative need come up with some fresh ideas for his character or storylines then maybe I will change my mind.
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  5. They've been booing him since mid/late 2005. The boos started getting really strong near the end of that year (listen to the reaction when Angle and HBK are both kicking him when he's down at Taboo Tuesday 2005) and Cena first acknowledged them in early 2006.

    A lot of fans have just always resented his personality (be it the rapper persona or real life persona.) In the beginning, many also thought he paled in comparison with the Attitude Era guys that came a few years before him but could see he was the new guy to carry the torch for the next several years and WWE were pushing him down their throats as such. The loud reaction back then was to try and show WWE how reluctant they were to accepting Cena. Overtime, I believe it's just caught on and become a "thing." Maybe he really does divide the audience but I also believe a big part of it over the years is just a jumping on the hate bandwagon thing, at least for some.

    I also believe that's one of the reasons the WWE went to PG. It was to try and find Cena a new fan base by attracting fair weather fans (kids and their parents) with the PG rating. I know there were other factors but the kids love Cena more than anyone else and just about everybody else could pretty much be the same (except for the Hornswoggle nonsense) even without a PG rating. Cena being the face of the company was very important overall in the change in rating.

    It worked somewhat obviously but Cena still has his detractors who make their voice known. These days, a lot of the resent comes from the stale nature of his character (Hogan was getting some boos in 1992 too, and that was right in the 8 year mark that Cena is in now) and stuff like the Make A Wish stuff that is shown repeatedly, especially when they feel the need to bring out three kids from the Make-A-Wish foundation on front of the audience. This is just desperately trying to get people to like Cena to an extent, or at least feel guilty about booing him.
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  6. Cena can be very entertaining but this character is holding him back, and I feel that Cena knows his stuff i stale and wants to change it up, But I think WWE is to scared to let that.

    If Cena doesn't like his character how are we supposed to like it.
  7. Hmm yeah. I think the time has arrived for the WWE Creative™ to change the gimmick of John Cena, the SuperCena thing to something else interesting or anything that the croud would be liked!
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  8. I think the booers are just jealous of Cena maybe. Plus they are probably virgins who bench press 12 pounds
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  9. Once I thought like that too.. :true:
  10. Because Super Cena is not a face, but a heel. The mega heel, against the IWC, and smarks of the world. He's such a babyface and heelkiller, that he's a heel himself, and he knows it. That's why he trolls people so much, because he's just that damn good!
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  11. One of the reasons is the "U Can't See Me" gimmick. He hasn't changed that for years now and fans like us are getting tired of it. The reason younger people like him because it's new to them. Also he is set up to almost NEVER lose, which annoys so many people around the world that they HAVE to boo him.
  12. Yeah that's may be true because I love that U Can't C Me and Never Give Up gimmicks and his super cena thing (that he never loses and wins almost every thing he go through) ,,,, and as you said, im really new wrestling fan. (from last year desember to present) :emoji_slight_smile: :yay:
  13. But you're 20 years old. Isn't the repetitiveness and the greating towards younger viewers with his character pretty boring/grating? It seems to be the case for most fans.

    I started watching when I was 20 and I realized from my first episode that Cena was just geared towards the younger demographic and how every feud he's in goes the same way.
  14. *15lbs.
  15. Don't flatter yourself, babe.
  16. Yeah that's right. when I'm cheering for Cena, I'm almost just like a little child. #Make a Wish! :yay:
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  17. ...... You're a weird customer. I'll be going now.
  18. I'm a child ok. even my birthday was last Monday. So admit it, I AIN'T WEIRD ........ :angry:
  19. His character is stale, he's boring and is booked very strong.
    When is the last time you've seen John Cena cleanly pinned with no outside interference?
    Wrestlemania 28 and before that?
  20. Hahah OMG that's a FACT!...? :sad:
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