Why are the Usos never pushed???

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Why are the Usos never pushed??? I have always wondered this. They always seemed to be jobbed out to other tag teams. I think the Usos should be tag team champions they would be awesome champions WWE should give them a chance
  2. Lol tag team division.
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  3. I think they're going to start getting pushed now. They eliminated 2 teams on Monday cleanly and got really close to winning, and only lost to Rhodes Scholars on SD with a roll up when Sandow had a hanful of tights.
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  5. Right now they're two Rocky Maivia's. they smile too much and pander to the crowd. Once they figure out a gimmick that suits them properly, they'll be pushed. They have the ring talent, but no real personality yet.
  6. They have been winning lately. Except at the elimination tag team match.
  7. Because they kinda suck man
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  8. The Tag Team Division is getting better and better, I really expect them to be pushed soon especially after the demise of the Ascension....
  9. I know right.
  10. Because the Tag Team Division currently has face champions and the WWE rule book clearly states faces aren't allowed to verse each other!
  11. I forgot to add in my first post the Usos are over with the fans so I dont understand why there not being pushed and getting the tag titles
  12. Gotta read up on the Official WWE Rule Book.
  13. I don't know...
    Because WWE would rather throw random people together and make them Champion.
  14. For once I actually agree with you. The Usos are the best REAL tag team in the division. The rest of the guys are just singles competitors who are thrown together. The Usos are also pretty decent among the crowd. I think WWE is getting ready to put them in the spot since the recent spike in TV time, but I could be wrong.
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