Why are WWE not getting it right with their Latino faces?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Mar 21, 2013.

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    WWE has arguably not had a successful Latino babyface since Rey started getting injury prone. Eddie died, Chavo was never going to make it big, neither were the Mexicools. Carlito is gone, Epico and Primo will likely never become anything more than a tag team, Hunico is off TV with an injury, Camacho isn't even Latino (he's Tongan), Cara is a big bust and Del Rio's babyface momentum seems to have slowed down and Ricardo doesn't even wrestle on TV.

    The Latino market is big for the WWE so I understand them wanting to get a Latino as one of their top faces so as to better sell themselves into the market. But why do they not seem to hit it right when they try to establish someone new?

    Could it be that their two latest prospects, Del Rio and Cara, didn't come in with an established US following. These two were big in Mexico but there is no guarantee that all the Latino's in the states watch Mexican TV and would be as into Dos Caras Jr and Mistico as say the Mexican crowd.

    Why do you think WWE doesn't seem to hit the ball with Latino faces? And do you see any kind of solution to it?
  2. Push me.
  3. Bring in La Parka!
  4. They're trying to push people with latin heritage rather than evaluating their strengths and flaws, Eddie got over as he's possibly the most complete performer of all time and Rey was an incredible luchadore, they didn't get big because they were latin it was just conincidence. Cara has potential but they should have invested more in establishing a real character, same as ADR he shouldn't be an American dream face he should be an arrogant, good lucking guy who wins people over with his charm and never say die attitude, let him be cocky and let him be a cheat at times, people love a rogue.
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  5. Because the other Latinos they pushed were simply better. Eddie made me almost want to be a Mexican and a liar/cheater/stealer (ok, not really.)
  6. What's wrong with ADR? I don't understand why he isn't popular. An all-round solid package. His match with Swagger will be one of the highlights of WM.
  7. "Hey, look, I'm mexican, cheer me!"
  8. I also think personally that RR doesnt help ADR hes so lovable that i think he draws some attention of ADR. Dont get me wrong RR is amazing but maybe ADR is passed needing him.
  9. :yes:

  10. The WWE doesnt know how to book them , I mean... Since Eddie , all latinos have been mainly jobbers .
  11. Yeah this sums it up, pretty much. They have to establish them as stars before they push them as latino stars for me. ADR's current character works (since he turned face not long ago) but it's pretty weird, a mexican guy who likes 'murrica and is rich? Hm.

    And what exactly is the Latino market, Latin America?
  12. It's because they don't have a latino star who fights for the tacos! :haha:

    No in all seriousness, in terms of Del Rio, they're trying to make him mexican Hulk Hogan in terms of his patriotism. It's like what's his gimmick, "oh he's mexican" and that's not a gimmick at all. With Rey he was this superhero kind of guy who really didn't need a gimmick because he was amazing in the ring at one point. Eddie had in ring charisma with his antics and he was more than just mexican, he really got his gimmick down of lying, cheating, and stealing. Chavo tried to do the same, but could never do it as great as Eddie. Sin Cara just can't speak english and that's why he'll never be over with Americans because he botches too much as well. Hunico I can see be over eventually, so it's too soon to call it quits on him. Carlito never really jumped out at me, neither do his relatives, because none of them are really charismatic enough although solid in the ring.

    Not to bring up race or anything, but WWE doesn't know what the latino crowd wants, because the majority of the people working there are probably not latino. It's a brash thing to say, but that's the way I see it, they just don't understand the culture. I mean for christ sakes they have a fucking mariachi band every time a latino wins a championship
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