Why are you so confident Cena will be the first loser?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. I've been reading from several people that Cena is almost definitely losing his cash in. Why?
  2. Because they are dumb. It's not happening
  3. B/c he over as a top guy so it does not make sense for him to win on a MITB Cash in to a guy who never won a WWE or World Title!
  4. Because: Brock/Rock is the expected main event for Wrestlemania 29, right? Rock or Brock need to capture the title and they've both recently feuded with Cena.

    Brock/Punk or Rock/Punk has also been discussed for Survivor series.

    And Cena would win it in his first MITB match, and lose it in his first MITB.

    It makes so much sense.
  5. I rest my case.
  6. NO Brock vsing Taker for the World Title at WM29! It going to Rock vs. Punk,Y2J and Shumus for the WWE Title!


    HELL NO! :finger:
  7. Shut up Sandy Fappage.

    Taker is never gonna hold a title again. He only wrestlers once/year. :facepalm1:
  9. Bitch where's your proof. :yay:
  10. Because they're so sick of cena winning all the time, but they still have a glimmer of hope and try to convince themselves that their desires will one day come true :true:
  11. I would like to know what sources you have of this.
  12. watch 1000 raw and u will see the match build up!
  13. Wrong. It's expected to be Brock/Taker.

    Rock is going to film fast 6, then return and promote GI Joe all over WM season, so he won't be champion. Brock has like very few appearances left. He'll wrestle HHH at Summerslam, leave, come back around WM time.


  14. I still said he be back for Seris and Rumble!
  15. Brock/Taker was only discussed, the original pencil plan (that according to numerous sites PWInsider, PWMania etc.) were penciled in before Mania 28.

    If WWE wants to put the belt on Brock, and they use all appearances, they can just pay him for more dates.

    He'll be back around Rumble, 1/2 a month from Rumble. Around Mania isn't enough time to build.

    Jonamemory. I read sites a lot, and at least 3 I have read have said that. I have good memory, you don't. :lol1:

  16. This is probably one of the reasons.

    Anyway, I think that he could be the first guy to lose because he's the one guy who won't have any bad repercussions because of it. They can put him in the title picture whenever they want and he won't lose credibility, plus, it could be used very well in a storyline involving him.
  17. I still think he will win. He has not had the title for a while and the fans are still 'liking' him after the Big Show crap.
  18. He has won, what? 100 matches? He has only lost like 4 or something.
  19. Cena will win. He'll cash it in against Punk and take it.. Glad, though. I'd like to see everyone as champ besides Punk at this stage.
  20. I also believe he'll win the Title too. Shame though, as I would have liked DB to win it at MITB.
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