Rumor Why Baron Corbin failed to cash in his MITB

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jon, Aug 16, 2017.

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  1. So I have heard from WrestletalkTV on YouTube that Baron failed to cash in because John Cena was burying Baron Corbin on the mic, but I think it is to hype up John Cena Vs Baron Corbin and some might want John Cena because they want Baron Corbin to be buried, but John Cena said since he buried the Nexus he will lose for the next 7 years of SummerSlam for each member of the Nexus so Baron Corbin is most likely going to win and since Jinder Mahals feet were under the rope they might give him back his briefcase on Smackdown this Tuesday.
  2. That's all well and good...but Corbin still looks like a moron...
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  3. I voted no cause I am cool.

    In all seriousness, I don't like Corbin. He feels like he could be really good with time but once again, WWE has started ruining another wrestler... I mean, "Superstar".
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  4. I sort of doubt Corbin will get the briefcase back, since he's obviously not on good terms with Shane or Daniel Bryan. But you're right that Cena has lost every Summerslam match since defeating the Nexus.. this will be year 7. So we'll see.

    Personally, I think Corbin will win but who knows. If someone at WWE is pissed at him and that has something to do with the failed cash in, Cena might break his losing streak.
  5. I think Corbin was thrown in the deep end and told sink or swim...
    and he sunk.

    He has looked pretty lame since winning the briefcase...and he should
    never have been feuding with/wrestling Nakamura.

    SmackDown have some mid-card faces (Dillinger, Harper(?), Mojo)
    and that is who Corbin should have been feuding with and defeating
    while he built momentum and developed into a true threat.

    Instead...they have basically broken his ankles before he could even
    start running.

    He also now looks like a complete Moron...

    Moron Corbin...
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  6. I liked Corbin for a while. He had a real old school character and he reminded me a lot of Jake Roberts physically and Bad News Brown personality. But lately he hasn't done a whole lot for me.
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  7. Do you find him...visually appealing Mr. Fox?
  8. He looks nice when he wears that yarn beanie, but as a whole... not really. I like small, skinny guys for the most part.
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  9. *Looks in the mirror*

    Well...I'm out...
  10. Guys who can do the Humpty Dance.
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  11. I'm not exclusive to that, silly.
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    Corbin had a chance to look like a formidable threat and they ruined it. I mean they let jack swagger win the title for Christ sake, and he was lame as shit and looked like a giant duck from a cartoon. Corbin has a badass persona, he just needed the proper feuds and angles to make him shine. WWE not only ruined all that, but I think they made their own product look stupid. Corbin looks strong and beats other men in one of the toughest matches, to failing his cash in, and having Cena whoop his ass at summerslam and have his losing streak come to an end.

    Corbin has been buried for the most part. And Corbin is one hot mother fucker if you ask me. So there's that.
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  13. Oh No...Baron Corbin will be the next Alex Riley...


    So much for the Lone Wolf...he'll soon be know as the Jobber Puppy...
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  14. It's a good thing Cena just got moved to Raw. Will probably ease the tension a bit. I wonder if they will let Corbin take the US title from Aj?
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  15. I'll say...

    You would hope so...

    Possibly? if anyone can help Corbin look better in the ring
    its A.J. But in saying that...I'm kind of hoping Styles will
    hold on to the US title for at least 6 months and be given
    the opportunity to put on some stellar matches with some
    mid to lower card guys.
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  16. There's been so many reports on this. His tweets upset people, he got into an argument with Cena, he used the wrong knife during dinner....lets be honest we might never know why he lost the case and it seems like dirtsheets are just plucking these ideas out of thin air. The most likely explaining is probably Vince's bipolar way of booking and was once high on him then bam, the next week or so he's all ehhh over him and he loses his briefcase and then these news sites cook up exciting reasons why.
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  17. He let Cena have it, then gave his old lady a taste on social media. Even the WWE doctor couldn't hide from this guy.

    Corbin's awesome. He should be groomed as champion, not that bird Dorkamura.
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  18. Yeah, from what I have read he has head for starting a public argument with one of the WWE doctors regarding CTE.

    Not smart when the company you work for tries to be on the forefront of concussion awareness.
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