Why being a singer sucks.

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  1. > Spend 2 weeks not being able to write a song
    > Finally write a song
    > Try to record a demo of said song
    > Voice gives out due to exhaustion

    Being a singer sucks sometimes. :upset:
  2. plus ya know, nobody buys music anymore.
  3. You got some primo pipes champ? Good luck with the exhaustion.
  4. I'm a pretty good singer. Although, I don't really write anything so I wouldn't know.
  5. Yeah drowning in pussy must suck so much.
  6. Writing music isn't hard, and singing is easy if ya got the voice for it. Depends on vocal range.
  7. It does until you change your number
  8. Thankfully I don't sell music...Yet.:sandow:

    I've got a decent singing voice I've been told. I don't think I sound that great, but people say I'm pretty good. And thanks, I've since recovered from the exhaustion.:smug:

    Writing music can be fun sometimes, but sometimes it's not.:silva:

    I wouldn't know...:alone:

    I suck at writing music. This is why I usually stick to covers.:lady:
  9. You can still make a decent living of merch and gigs though. I wouldn't complain.
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