Why breaking Cesaro away from Swagger and Colter was a bad idea

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WarMachine, May 3, 2014.

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  1. He lost the theme, the sweet ass jacket & towel combo, and the "We The People" phrase that he really helped get over. I liked his OG Swiss theme that I hoped that he would go back to, but the real American theme really worked, which thankfully is still being used. And the worst part about the Cesaro going to Heyman is that he got this typical generic guitar riff theme that they give to just about every fairly new main roster wrestler. The OG Swiss theme was so damn catchy also. And people probably thought that splitting Cryme Tyme and the Prime Time Players was a bad idea at the time of their break ups, but this was a whole other level of bad. When you break up the two most over (PTP and Real Americans) teams in the entire tag division, you know you're creating a problem with your tag teams.
  2. I don't find it a bad decision at all. The new theme he has is pretty generic compared to the "Real American" one, I agree with that, but otherwise, what is so different about him from before? Paul Heyman is an excellent manager to speak for him, albeit Coulter was funnier, but still. He still has the same move set, still has the Big Swing that's so over, still has the European uppercut that he inflicts on opponents in mid-air, still has his immense strength that can be showcased in a number of different ways, etc. The jacket he has right now is pretty sweet, too. He no longer has a popular three-word chant, but he's not going to suffer tremendously from it or anything.

    Granted, Cesaro, Swagger and Coulter made for an excellent trio and could have remained together for longer, but people wanted Cesaro to move on to bigger and better things, and he's never going to do that as part of a tag team. Plus, they wanted to pair someone new with Heyman to capitalize on the momentum he was getting for being the manager of the Streak-Killer, and Cesaro fit the bill. Who would have been better to put with Heyman than Cesaro?
  3. You ain't giving me much other than that his current theme blows and the Swiss one ruled. Which is true, but I think there's more waiting involved with seeing how Cesaro will develop in the future. However, I'll say that like you, I am concerned with the direction they are taking Cesaro. Cesaro had such a huge face reaction going for him every time he walked out, but for some reason they decided to pair him with Heyman in what we thought would be strange tweener role, but ultimately became a heel role seeing as he's doing the typical antics any heel would do if you've watched the latest shows. Which is lame and confusing, because we're pretty much all ready to accept him as a face and cheer him as the next biggest thing. However, I might speak too soon myself; we'll have to see what happens after this Swagger feud.

    Another point you could argue with is that it didn't go well for the last two Heyman guys, them being Ryback and Curtis Axel. Look where they are now. However, I guess you could say that Axel really had no connection to the crowd in any way shape or form and that Ryback was pushed into an angle nobody wanted to see at all. Point being, nobody wanted to really see them, not even with Heyman. With Cesaro, you have a guy that's already liked and pretty much over but benefits from a Paul Heyman in a lot of ways. That being presentation, promos, build, his character etc. What separates Cesaro from Ryback and Axel is that Cesaro seems like someone Heyman genuinely looks interested in and is willing to take to the top. Also not forgetting that the crowd is into him.

    My major grape with the whole concept is that it looks like it's all pretty much a build to Summerslam or whenever Brock's around so Cesaro can break away as a face and face Brock. The feud itself sounds appealing but the sound of listening to Heyman put over Brock more than Cesaro (even though that would ultimately be the concept of the feud) until this feud takes place seems tedious. Again, probably speaking way ahead of myself.
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  4. If he hadn't been repackaged, Leo Kruger, Curt Hawkins would have been a good fit, they could have done a way to get McIntyre out of 3MB and put him with Heyman
  5. McIntyre is dead in the water imo. I like to think that almost anyone can recover with just the right gimmick and push, but some things are just career killers and the whole 3MB schtick is one of those things.
  6. It's only a bad idea for Swagger, who will never go anywhere as he is now. It is a natural progression for Cesaro, who is actually going forward with his career. As opposed to Swagger, who is fortunate at this point just to be treading water.

    And lol at Drew McIntyre, who is in my opinion the most overrated, underachieving person on the entire roster. Chosen one my ass.
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