Why Brian Pillman isn't in the Hall of Fame?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Jan 23, 2014.

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  1. WWE has been adding a lot more renown to my favorite and one of the greatest high flyer's in wrestling history, Brian Pillman.
    The only man from the Hart Foundation not to win a title, but i heard they were planning a feud in 1998 between him and Austin over the title which could have been pretty good of a food, Steve Austin even has said Pillman was his very best friend in the business. Pillman had the exact same qualities as another great Owen Hart, Pillman did a vicious beat down on a heckling fan on Satruday Night Shotgun. Brian Pillman had a short series called Brian Pillman's X.X.X Flies, documenting life with Marlena whom he won the services of at Ground Zero: In Your House.

    Brian Pillman basically launched the Attitude Era theoretically, he gave sights of a edgier product in 1996, he had a voice that mean't SHIT.

    PS. HE deserves a induction, so does Macho Man and Bulldog,
  2. There's a lot of people who deserve to get in but haven't yet - Randy Savage, Rick Rude, Jake Roberts, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Owen Hart, British Bulldog, Brian Pillman, Lord Alfred Hayes, JBL, Bam Bam Bigelow, Rick Martel, King Kong Bundy, Jerry Jarrett, Marty Jannetty, etc. WWE will get to all of them eventually (well, except for Randy Savage and maybe Jerry Jarrett, but for obvious reasons), but you can''t induct them all at once.
  3. Why wouldn't Jerry Jarrett get inducted? I can understand Jeff but not Jerry. Vince had tremendous respect for Jerry and even declared him the guy to run WWF if Vince went to prison during the steroid scandal.

    I could understand if you meant Jeff, but not Jerry.
  4. Jerry started TNA with Jeff didnt he?
  5. Just because of the connection to Jeff, who would obviously be the best candidate to induct him. I did type 'maybe' because I doubt it will prevent it from happening but who knows. Guess I could see WWE putting aside whatever issues they have with Jeff (if they even have any anymore) and have him induct Jerry (or just get someone else to do it.)
  6. Vince's only real issue with JJ was his bouncing back and forth during the Monday Night Wars, right? I mean, Vince is a business man, I'm sure 15 years later he doesn't really blame JJ for doing what was best for himself and his family financially.
  7. He dropped the ic belt when not under contract and asked for more money than Vince thought he was worth I gathered.
  8. IIRC he was IC champ, contract expired and he still agreed to a deal to put over Chyna of all fucks, right?

    I would want extra money to lose to Chyna as well.
  9. Yup. That's the one.

    But Vince is a control freak, this is the man who hates sneezing because he cannot control when it happens. He probably hated not being able to dictate the money flow since Jeff played hardball.
  10. And he got the 'last laugh' buying WCW and firing him on live TV, but I would think all these years later it is just water under the bridge, and if anything Vince would respect his business tactics. Especially if it were just so Jeff could induct his Daddy, who Vince respects the fuck out of, into the HOF
  11. That's what I hope for, that it has become water under the bridge. Vince respects businessmen so it shouldn't be a problem IMO.
  12. There are a ton of guys who deserve it who are yet to be in it. Be patient. He may end up in there in the next few years.
  13. I also think Jarrett was pissed about not getting a main event push. When he returned to the company in late 1997, he cut a worked shoot talking about his family heritage and how he was destined to be world champion one day. And Russo by mid/late '99 was pushing for him to become a top guy (as you would later see in WCW) but Austin refused to work with him, which is a big reason why he walked out on the company. The fact that Vince was (I think) led to believe that he was about to sign a new contract and yet had to hear about him showing up on WCW television the night after No Mercy 1999 instead was what pissed Vince off. It was the same shit Luger pulled four years earlier where he was working without a contract and told Vince he was still with him but then showed up on Nitro just a day after working a WWF live event. (Ironically, Luger was publicly "fired" along with Jarrett on the last Nitro telecast by Vince.)
  14. That last part I don't buy. It's been clearly stated by both Jarrett and the dude he was negotiating leading into No Mercy with (JR) that it was clear that he was going to WCW instead of re-signing. Jarrett was just willing to show up to drop the belt out of respect to the belt.
  15. Maybe. I've never heard it from Jarrett directly (or have, but forgot) and have just always heard/assumed that him walking out may have taken them by surprise because working without a contract and then showing up to a WCW event the very next night sounded pretty similar to what Luger did.
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