why brodus clay helped the big show in no way out 2012?

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  1. why brodus clay helped the big show in no way out 2012
    eventhough brodus clay and big show are enemies?
  2. He didn't help big show. he stopped him from escaping the cage
  3. Brodus actually helped Cena. Cena was going to win anyway so it wouldn't matter.
  4. I must admit, during the match, after it was Big Show doing all the damage, I had a feeling it would have been a Cena victory, I actually didn't expect him to climb over the cage though, I thought he was going to win it when Big Show was crawling towards the door, I had a feeling he was going to climb over the top of him and out of the door.
  5. I would have much preferred that ending to be honest.

    Big Show vs Brodus feud could be good, but Big Show is the 1st to announce he'll be in the MITB match (sigh...) so we might not see that for a bit.
  6. Incognito Randy?
  7. :win:

    And he didn't was helping Cena to make the ending better but it was overkilled when everyman and his dog came out the locker room!
  8. Because in No Way Out Cena said that Brodus couldn't dance, so that pissed him off. So as soon as he saw Cena was gonna win, he and a bunch of other superstars stopped him. Since they all stopped him, We still have Johnny Ace around. People Power :ace:
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  9. Start re-reading your posts before you send. You should be on creative with the trash ideas you're posting lately. :dafuq:
  10. :ace: People Power isn't creative
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