Why Can't I Make Threads in FSW?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Star Lord, Oct 9, 2013.

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    I tried to post a promo in FSW but it wont let me make a thread, Whats going on? I have a I feeling I know what its about which I would be willing to address. Crayo
  2. I got your permissions to make threads in the IWT section removed because you threatened to make match threads I didn't agree to.

    Big Hoss Rambler
  3. I love how I said it once and you said you would do this and then I even said I wasn't going to do it and yet you still get this done.
  4. "You are just being a dick now, Me Vs Jacob will happen whether you like it or not. If you don't make the match thread, We will."
  5. Whether you said it once or 100 times, it doesn't matter.

    Maybe you'll learn not to be so immature and spit your dummy out when things don't go your way. Rational doesn't work with you, does it?
  6. [​IMG] Evidence I already I said I wouldn't yet you still get this done.
  7. I'd already PM'd Big Hoss before you sent that.

    And that doesn't prove you wouldn't make it. You could get Jacob to make it. I can't suspend you for something he did, whether I know you told him too or not.
  8. You could have PM'd him again and said not to and again why did you need to get my permission removed? You could have suspended me if I did. I clearly don't care about IWT so I need the permissions back on for BTBs and FSW, You have no right to ask for those permission to be taken away when other sub sections are in that section and even then I can't even come back to IWT because of this. You should have suspended me if I did there is no reason for permissions to be changed.
  9. I can't suspend you for that, you'd cry about that as well.

    It's Big Hoss' fault, he was lazy and just removed them for the whole section. He shoulda done it for just IWT and left the sub-sections.

    You knew what this was about, but you had to post it here didn't you, instead of just PMing Crayo? Looking for attention, as per :gary:
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  10. Big Hoss Rambler could you please give Adam permission to post in FSW. I'll leave IWT to Jono.
  11. Actually I did PM Crayo, You came into this thread trying to gain attention.

    It isn't Hoss' fault its yours for asking for it in the first place and as far as I know you can't get banned from a section without being banned from the sub sections.

    I wouldn't "cry" and I wouldn't have to because I wouldn't have to be suspended because you really think I care that much to give you the satisfaction of that.

    And also I shouldn't be banned from the IWT section as there is no reason to, I have made no thread and have said I wont and that doesn't rule out a return at a later date or even today.
  12. No more arguing please. Adam, keep in mind that I want my creative team to be as neutral as possible

  13. Adam in creative? :haha: :dawg: :lol1:

    He has the creativity of a 50p piece.
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Jono, stop please
  16. This is IWT stuff. He was talking about FSW. Anyways, he wants a match against me, is that so bad?! Having to talk to you before starting a match/feud is sometimes annoying because it's like "I don't like the idea because we've already seen it" or things like that. I know you only want to make the IWT look better, but be sure of one thing, if you don't allow people to organize their own feuds because you don't like the idea, people won't come back to IWT and that'll be it's ruin.
  17. Nano he cancelled the feud. No point arguing it.
  18. I created a match thread once while Brit was in charge and you told me I couldn't because I wasn't a part of the staff. I wouldn't create another match thread because I read the rules.
  19. I know. I'm not arguing, just pulling out some what I feel. It was much better when Brit was in charge. Everyone could face whoever he/she wanted at the time he/she wanted. That's what made IWT funny and now that's gone.

  20. [​IMG]