Why can't I use a Youtube video as a sig?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Extraterrestrial, Jan 12, 2013.

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  1. :bury:
  2. MyBB doesn't let you and I don't think there is a plugin. I reckon Solidus might be able to do it though, not sure.
  3. I wouldn't even want to, and neither should you. It is a terrible idea, think of page loading times. It does affect seo.
  4. Yah loading pages would be very slow.
  5. It would take forever for a page to load.
  6. Answer has been given. Closed.
  7. Seen it on multiple other forums and loading has been fine. Could have them have to be in spoilers too if user-experience is a problem.
  8. Adding spoiler means nothing except not showing the video. Everything you put inside a spoiler will still be loading like it was put normally; you just won't see it.
  9. I know... I said it would improve user-experience, in this case it would mean you wouldn't have to constantly see the YouTube video in every post (since it's rather ugly), it would be inside the spoiler.

    Doesn't matter anyway, it's not getting added, it's just not a stupid idea - especially on a wrestling forum.
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