Why can't we stop killing endangered species?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by gzilla46, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. What pisses me off is the fact that people don't stop hunting animals that are endangered, like elephants and tigers and rhinos. Why can't people stop? If they don't, they'll become extinct. To make matters worse, people also won't stop destroying animals' habitats. It pisses me off. Why is it so hard to stop?

    In a perfect world, we would stop killing endangered species and destroying their habitats. In 2011, a species of rhino went extinct. That shows how out of control it is.
  2. Third world countries see them as money makers which they are. There is no universal law, so there is no method to stopping them. Every single person sees animals differently. For example, some would see them as close companions, loyal FRIENDS. Others see them as meat, a method of survival and life improvement.
  3. I see them the first way. I mean, sure we do need meat to survive, like burgers and things like that, but at least cows and chickens are not endangered. Far from it. But, creatures like elephants are, and people continue to kill them.
  4. Don't you realise that all life will eventually become extinct on earth? These animals wont exist forever. they will die out eventually. You can't stop it. Eventually everything in the universe will die, including the universe itself. All of those stars in the sky you see at night will eventually burn out and the universe will be a dark, cold lifeless place.
  5. At least that won't happen for a LONG time. The sun won't burn out until like maybe 5 billion years later. And yes, I read that on the Internet.
  6. Because some of them taste fucking delicious. And Elephants are a butt load of money in ivory. You should be happy that there are wild life reserves and zoo breeding programs to make sure that these animals do survive and prosper. Even when some species might disappear in the wild they will still exist in captivity. Which is better than being extinct.
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  7. :lol1:
  8. You're usually such a happy poster :emoji_slight_frown:
  9. What?... Kangaroo is fucking Delicious when cooked right.
  10. I bet you eat Venison all the time as well? Oh deer.

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    I'll get my coat

  11. Lol, i've never had Kangaroo, all I know is I LOVE meat, and tbh I don't really care where they came from as long as it tastes good. But no killing monkeys though, GOAT animal right there.
  12. All be it true, that doesn't apply here. It's not like we're close to dying out, that will happen in millions or billions of years. I agree with the OP that endangered animals should be looked after. Especially if they're endangered BECAUSE of us. Though, I do think it's hypocritical for those activists who want to save endangered species to turn around and eat meat. Is there a difference between an Elephant dying because of humans to a chicken dying? Other than the amount of each species, there isn't.
  13. Tbh I don't like animals dying for our needs but if there is meat in front of me, i'm gonna eat it and not care where it came from.
  14. I like most people in modern society am for the protection of our wildlife and our eco system (I voted for the green party in the last election over here.)

    I am pro looking after our endangered species which we actually are. The problem is that we still have large amounts of our endangered species out in the wild, patrolling the wild to look after a heard of monkeys would be too large a cost that would in essence not really do anything. We are doing the right things right now by breeding programs in captivity and setting up more zoo's and wild life reserves that are harder for poachers to get into.

    I am also pro meat and I agree that some exotic meat now and then would be fine if you are out on holiday but most of these animals that are extinct are not hunted for food, but for sport or money.
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