why champion holder's will not lose his champion when a match ends in DQ?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Ganesh Ujwal, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. why champion holder's will not lose his champion when a match ends in DQ?
  2. B/c u can't! It awaly been that way since the start of pro wrestler a century ago or more?! Its the way it work b/c u can't truly be a Champion if you win the match by DQ!
  3. Because a challenger can just come up, get disqualified and then be the new champion. It's called "champions advantage" where they can get DQ'd and win.
  4. sorry i cant understand any of the replies

    my clear question is:
    In wwe match result ends in DQ is done by champion holder then why he not lose his champion
    eventhough he defeated by using DQ?
  5. Because the title can only change hands by the champion being pinned or submitted
  6. I think he's wondering why it doesn't switch hands. For example if a champion intentionally gets DQ'd. I understand what you're saying but a title can only switch hands cleanly.
  7. Through 2003-2006 (or so), in TNA the title could change hands if the challenger wins the match via DQ. In fact, ABYSS won his only TNA World Title reign via DQ win over Sting I believe.
  8. Which sucks, imo.
  9. Maybe, but at least it's trying something new and diferrent, and changes the booking of heels to slightly better IMO. Plus, no damage was done during that period b/c Abyss is the only one who won the title that way.
  10. In order to keep/win the championship is to win by pinfall or submission hold. :otunga:
  11. Because it's a technicality and not a real win
  12. Basically thats the rules.
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