Rumor Why Charlotte lost the belt on Raw

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Solid Snake, Jul 29, 2016.

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  1. "A recent rumor suggested that Charlotte recently asked for time off from the company and that this is why the title changed hands on July 25th’s show. If true, this would have explained why Sasha won on an episode of Raw rather than at SummerSlam; the two superstars have a match scheduled for that pay-per-view, so saving the victory for August would have made sense.

    However, new information is beginning to emerge that conflicts with the idea of Charlotte asking for time off. PWInsider is now reporting that Charlotte has no plans to take any time off, and in fact she is scheduled for many future shows. Instead, PWInsider says that Vince McMahon felt that Charlotte’s time as champion helped to legitimize the WWE Women’s Championship title, and now he finally felt comfortable handing it off to someone else."

  2. PWinsider also noted that they wanted the first "New era" of RAW episode to have a memorable moment. And that was a factor in making the decision to move the belt onto Sasha
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  3. Yeah having Sasha win the belt on the first Raw of the new era did provide a "safe" memorable moment. They probably expected to get an increase in viewers for the first show after the brand split and by having a title change hands, they might be able to hook some casual viewers by implying there is a greater likelihood of seeing title changes on the show (whether that ends up being the case or not is another story). Personally, I don't think the title change came across as anti climactic, as the tag belts and the US title may have seemed as such if they changed.
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  4. I bet Smackdown will have a better title anyways.. They already have a better roster of women.. Fresh faces ready to tear through the women's division on Smackdown... RAW's women is the same old shit we've seen this past year.. Maybe Nia Jax can change that.
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  5. I don't really buy that rumor, but I do believe the title changed hands on RAW instead of SummerSlam because they wanted to start off the #NewEra with a bang.
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  6. I do agree that Charlotte legitimatized the title. But I doubt the rumor. It's likely a way to showcase the "new era" and really set the tone and mood for the next generation of RAW. Much like how Finn Balor became #1 Contender, it's a similar dynamic of making it feel fresh and new.
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  7. The switch was without a doubt to get the "new era" off with a big moment
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