Why Christian hasn't returned yet

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. Does anybody know when Christian had gotten the concussion?
    The last time I remember seeing him he was being dragged out by The Shield while Edge watched.
  2. Well, so at least we know when he's coming back this time. Didn't know he had a concussion though, no idea where it came from.
  3. Wonder how they'll use him. Maybe put him in the US title picture, seeing as Dean has no competition at the moment
  4. The concussion was from a stiff kick/punch from Sheamus.
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  5. he will never be relevant again I dont think, sadly
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  6. Yeah, Christian should just retire or go on commentary full time.
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  7. back to the impact zone where his pushes match his talent level
  8. I remember them teasing this feud in the summer before Christian jumped into a WHC program with ADR. Wouldn't mind seeing him return and be the one to dethrone Ambrose of the US Title (wouldn't mind seeing Dean go over either.)
  9. I don't care how they use him, as long as they actually do. Commentary would be great for him, I've always been a huge fan of him and the dude represents one of the few decent face's we would see going into the RTWM outside of the title picture. Hopefully he goes vs Bray Wyatt and we get to see Bray get serious/seriously pissed off.

    With the storylines going on and the RR return's we can assume, WWE has a serious sized roster. I'd be interested in a brand split.
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  10. Hmm.... you might be waiting around a long time for the next brand split, what with them unifying the titles and everything. :jericho:
  11. Gets injured way too often to do that.
  12. Can care less with what they do with him, never cared about him, and quite frankly, never will.
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  13. I'll believe it when I see it. You are the one who made me realize it makes the most sense to just shit on people and give Cena the WWE title while Orton is stuck holding onto a belt the corporation doesn't acknowledge. I could be wrong, but I don't see how you can have everything going on, then add Sheamus, Henry, Christian, and a few other big name stars back without them requiring some TV time weekly. I don't want it, but i'd rather have a brand split than see Xavier Woods go back to NXT like the Bo Dallas project....even if he was never meant to stay up in wwe after the RR.
  14. :gtfo:
  15. :meh:
  16. I really don't care at this point. His returns are always so anti-climatic and unless he's a good heel again, I'm not excited at all.
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  17. no you
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  18. Don't care for the CLB as a face. Heel? He's okay.
  19. Yea basically. Was watching some old clips of Christian when he was with Tomko and shit and he was great, probably would be one of my favorites then. He's just boring now though either way it seems.
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  20. Some of his stuff when he teamed with Jericho was good as well. Probably due to the fact that Y2J carried him. :jericho:
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