Why did AJ do it?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. What sort of explanation will WWE dish out for the wild AJ swerve?
  2. Like I said in the other thread, it'll be the Bella picture for sure.
  3. Would WWE mention a former diva dating Cena outside of WWE though?
  4. Maybe the affair is true and she'll blame Cena for costing her her job as GM.

    Maybe the affair isn't true but she'll still blame Cena because he's still the one who asked her out on a 'date' and made it possible for Vickie to accuse her of an affair, which eventually cost her the job as GM.
  5. I TOLD U ALL AJ WAS GOING TO TURN HEEL!But u all did not want to belive me! WHAT NOW?
  6. This seems like the most likely story to me.
  7. I called it ages ago actually, so shush.
  8. Another title spoiler...
  10. No... Did what? She could have farted backstage for all you know.
  11. She may had done it because she is with Ziggler. Ziggler has finally dumped Vickie.

    This is possible.
  12. They don't have to name her, they can blur her out of the photo.
  13. I guess she wants Ziggler now. :hmm:
  14. Much better choice than Cena. Maybe to get back at Vickie? Vickie goes nuts, gets fired, in comes the Nature Boy?
  15. If it ends up with Flair showing up, great. Really hope this storyline ends soon though.
  16. He's the only one that can make it worthwhile.
  17. Yeah. But one way or another we're going to have to endure some more annoying drama and endless recaps about aforementioned drama.
  18. How much of the three hour show do you think are recaps? I gotta say at least half an hour, it's getting a bit out of hand.
  19. Just look at my sig.. She couldn't get enough of Dolph.. :smug:

    What Mr Perfect says could be true.. :hmm:
  20. She did dit 4 da wock :rikishi:

    Her explanation will be that John Cena was the reason she was fired and she did it for revenge. Hopefully they don't put her as another Eve (and by Eve I mean slut) and have her cling to Ziggler now.
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