Extreme Rules Why did Henry go over Ryback?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, May 25, 2013.

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  1. Henry beats Ryback cleanly at Wrestlemania, Ryback then becomes #1 contender for the most prestigious and reputable title in WWE, and then Henry loses cleanly to Sheamus who also lost at Wrestlemania.

    Can somebody tell me the logic? inb4 #wwelogic
  2. I guess it's just a gimmick for him to always lose at PPVs. It will probably lead up to something eventually.
  3. This was really the most 'shocking' thing about Wrestlemania 29 because it seemed obvious as day that Ryback going over a big monster like Henry was a way for him to get at least some of his heat back after the string of losses against The Shield. Guess not.

    To me, they clearly didn't want to job Henry out but shouldn't have wanted to job Ryback out AGAIN (especially with him going into a world title feud starting the very next night), so the logical ending was to just have them fight to a double count out or something. It would have been acceptable for an under card match like this, and it gives off the impression that a normal match can't contain the intensity of two forces like this colliding. Then have their brawl end with them getting back in the ring. Perhaps Henry tosses Ryback back in so he can put him out cold in the middle of the ring where everyone will get a good view, at which point Ryback fights back and hits the shell shock on Henry. No one loses and Ryback hits his finisher on an over 400 pounder in front of almost 80,000 people for his first attempt at a Wrestlemania moment.
  4. All I can think of is they wanted to push Ryback towards the heel turn, I don't think it was used an avenue for it eventually but it could be a reason.
  5. What Seabs said. Made sense for losing to Henry in such a flukish manner to be his breaking point.

    As for the wwelogic, that seems to nail Henry jobbing to Sheamus right on the head haha
  6. Henry Sheamus is only a month filler feud isn't it? I suppose the babyface coming out on top works,especially if they're prepping for him to challenge for the world title. They know Henry easily gets his heat back, if it continues further then it gives Henry a reason to chase him further, possibly even creating an interesting dynamic as Henry suffers the psychological challenge of whether he can beat Sheamus giving more depth to his current I'm strong and shout character. The vulnerable monster is usually a dangerous one.
  7. Losing to Henry being a breaking point for Ryback would have made sense, but Ryback mentioned nothing of it at all when explaining his attack on Cena. If he had said though that he wanted to prove his recent losses to Punk, The Shield and Henry were all flukes by aiming straight after the WWE Champion directly and being the one to take out Cena, that would have made sense, but they chose not to play it that way.

    I'd like to see Henry squash Sheamus in a normal match at Payback though, as his way of reminding everyone that he isn't to be fucked with. I'm guessing Cena/Henry is probably the feud to happen after Cena prevails against Ryback. Henry is a top heel, and who else is there for Cena to feud with?
  8. The only thing I can come up with is that it was supposed to be Ryback's breaking point, yeah.
  9. Was thinking long and hard (don't judge) about this one, and there could be a master plan here.

    Lets say either at Payback or MITB, Ryback destroys Cena, just fucks him up, writes him off the show and wins the WWE Title in the process. Meanwhile Sheamus goes over Henry again and is a credible opponent (to the casuals at least) after beating Henry, who's credible because he beat Ryback, and we get Sheamus vs Ryback for the title at Summerslam, where Ryback wins and moves onto feuding with Cena again.

    Don't expect that to happen but wouldn't be horrible
  10. Holy shit, Henry beat Ryback @ WM? Gotta see that right now.
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  11. Sheamus in the main event of Summerslam? Urm, yes it does seem horrible.
  12. Ryback vs Sheamus? :downer:
  13. It won't be the main event with Triple H or Lesnar or Punk around.

    Yeah Ryback/Sheamus sounds like a catastrophe but it could surprise. Say it's not horrible because Ryback destroying Cena + winning the belt + going over Sheamus is a good summer imo, even if good overcomes in the end. But don't worry Crayo, this won't happen. #GlorifiedHouseShows
  14. It's simple and I told you why before Extreme Rules.

    WWE loves Sheamus.

    They feed Ryback to Henry to give Henry a nice win + extra momentum

    They turn around and feed Henry to Sheamus thinking it will transfer Henry's momentum to Sheamus.

    We all know that's not how life works, but don't tell 'creative'
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