Why did so many go too TNA?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by James, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. If TNA is not a very big buissness that pays as well compared too the WWE then why did so many people (past and present) in the industry like jeff hardy, erich bischoff, rick flair, bully ray, billy gunn, x pac, rikishi, val venis, diamond dallas page, matt morgan, jeff jerrett, scott steiner, scott hall, test, kevin nash, hulk hogan, booker t and kurt angle go too TNA?

    or was it more of a case of them being kicked out/realeased by WWE than a personal choice? if you ask me TNA is the graveyard for WWE wrestlers kinda like how film stars go too soap operas like eastenders or coronation street once there carrier is dead.
  2. They can pay big money and they have a more relaxed schedule and drugs policy.
  3. Some of them moved because they were kicked, some of them moved to have a better schedule, some of them want less strict drug rules (sup jeff) and some of them maybe want to be used better.

    But to be honest it's mainly because they were kicked or the schedule is better.
  4. Tna accepts drug addicts
  5. Oooooops, I (or TNA fans) shouldn't be here. You know, because Zamorakian says so. :cool:

    The answer is pretty simple: Money, money, schedule, money.
  6. WWE pays more than TNA though ^
  7. TNA is more relaxed with letting you do outside projects I believe though, so your earnings could be higher.
  8. Even then I doubt they'd make more than WWE superstars. I don't think money is a reason people go to TNA, unless of course they were released from WWE.
  9. WWE pays it's stars more, but it's very likely that TNA pays guys like The Dudleys, Christian, ect more (me speculating) than WWE would have. Guys that would be mid carders in WWE but have bigger opportunities in TNA

    A lot of the guys mentioned in the original post were guys that were over the hill and it was basically a high school reunion of old WCW stars
  10. True but let's say your a midcard act in the WWE then a main event talent in TNA. You could probably earn slightly more. Has anyone got any reports about the salaries? Otherwise we'll be speculating at this all day.
  11. All I found, that's knock-outs. No idea about main eventers. Hogan gets $2million+ a year.
  12. Yea I've heard they don't even give their wrestlers medical insurance. That's fucking nuts
  13. If you actually started wrestling to be a wrestler, TNA is better. You get contracted like a buffed up Indy Fed. Which means you can go other places whenever & aren't tied down.

    They don't pay SOME medical bills because the roster (other than Hogan, Bischoff, etc) are independently contracted. It's like that for all independently contracted jobs so I have no clue why it's a surprise to people.

    Personally, I would rather join TNA which is a moving ship. WWE has been on a decline since 2006.

    It's not always about the money.

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  14. Aren't WWE the same, as in they don't give the wrestlers health insurance anyway?
  15. Not sure. WWE wouldn't allow them elsewhere, so it's a possibility they would have some form of health insurance, who knows though.

    WWE may be on the decline but you'll get paid more there, more than ever. WWE has never made as much money as they have in this current "declining" era. Money talks unfortunately.
  16. Hogan gets 33k an appearance as of mid last year.

    They pay per appearance at TNA. Even though the salary is good at WWE, I would still rather be in TNA.

    They are a wrestling company; WWE is not.

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