Why Did The WWE Ditch The Linage Of The World Tag Team Championships?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Apr 20, 2013.

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  1. The WWE World Tag Team Championships were the original tag titles held and defended for years in the WWF going back to the 70's. The WWE Tag Team Championships were the secondary tag titles that were created in 2002 by Stephanie when she was GM of Smackdown. People used to just refer to them as the Smackdown Tag Team Titles because they were made exclusively for the SD brand since the original tag titles were made exclusively for the Raw brand.

    Anyway, they were eventually unified and then one of the sets of titles were dropped and retired completely and that happened to be... the original World Tag Team Championships.

    Just a small nitpick, but why drop the original ones that had forty years of history behind them? That were held at a time when tag team wrestling meant more than it ever did (sure as hell meant a lot more than it does today, or even from 2002-2010) and were held by some of the greatest teams in wrestling like Demolition, Hart Foundation, British Bulldogs, Legion Of Doom, New Age Outlaws, Edge and Christian, Dudleyz, APA, Hardy Boyz, etc. It'd be like them unifying the world titles and then continuing the history of the World Heavyweight Championship (also going only back to the year 2002, coincidentally enough) and ditching the WWF Title and it's long fifty year history that guys like Bruno, Backlund, Hogan, Savage, Andre, Warrior, Bret, Undertaker, Michaels, Austin, Rock, HHH, Cena, Batista, Edge, Orton, etc. were all apart of at some point.

    Maybe not a big deal to some, but I like the history behind things like this and this means that no tag team in the future can ever refer to wanting to be champions and holding the same titles that all those teams I named held.

    Anyway, this sparked another thought that's almost another topic in itself. The official titles of the WWE are now the WWE Tag Team Titles, and those are the titles that Team Hell No have now held for about seven months. They're already the second or third longest reigning tag team champions ever going by that linage, and if they were able to keep the titles to about the first of July (maybe the very end of June, I can't be arsed to count the exact number of days), they would be the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions of all time. Considering this, I think it would be cool to hear them talking about despite them not always seeing eye to eye, despite the bickering, despite accidentally costing each other matches, despite having to go through sessions with Dr. Shelby, etc., they've still managed to not only win the tag team championships (must specify that it's the WWE Tag Team Championship, NOT the WWE World Tag Team Championships!) but hold onto them for longer than any other tag team in WWE history. Since part of this team's appeal is their comedic material, they could even play this segment as if it sounded like two lovers/spouses recanting their long-winded relationship or marriage or something.

    The bad thing (if you wanna call it 'bad') is that The Shield are almost certainly about to win them at Extreme Rules. And I'm not against that scenario at all, but I do like the idea of Kane and Bryan celebrating their historical reign, only to probably turn around and lose them at Summerslam or something.
  2. Strange how this thread had two replies yesterday but with the launch of the forum's new look, now has zero. Weird.
  3. Seems pretty stupid. Only real reason I can think of is branding. One was announced as the "WWE Tag Team Championships" and the other was the "World Tag Team Championships". It'd make sense for them to want to keep the former name because of its branding, however a simple name change could've fixed the latter.
  4. They most likely did the database backup (something that keeps all the posts, PM's, reps, statuses, etc.) before the posts were made.
  5. Strange thing is, the WWE Tag Team Championships (the one they've kept) is the one which started with CHRIS BENOIT as one half of the first champions. I would think they'd want to erase him as much as possible.
  6. At least it's not as bad as getting rid of the Women's Championship (which was around since the 50's) in favor of the Diva's Championship which has been around since 2008? I suppose WWE just doesn't care about the lineage of belts for divisions that they don't care about. To be honest, while I'm not a fan of ditching all that history, it really doesn't bother me all too much. As for Team Hell No, while I suppose it'd be cool for them to celebrate their reign, I'd much rather see The Shield take the straps from them instead.
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  7. Highly doubt it. More so a chance of the posts been lost in the merge since they had to go from the old system to another one to the new one there is high chance of losing some stuff.
  8. But the thread was made an hour or so before the move and the posts were made just before they closed down postings and added a shoutbox temporarily. Plus, Farooq who changed his username just before the move now has his old one I believe. Seems to be that.
  9. Well one of the two was my reply, so I'll rewrite what I remember.

    For getting rid of the World Tag Team championship history, I think they want to try and get a fresh start on what they can. They did the same with the Women's championship, they unified it with the Diva's championship and got rid of the Women's championship that has been held by women like Chyna, Trish Stratus, and Lita. I don't personally like it, but that's the only logical reason I can see them getting rid of the World Tag Team championships, and keeping the more newer WWE Tag team championships, which of course I think is stupid, but whatever.

    As for the Team Hell No thing, it's hard to tell if WWE is going to do that. I would mark for it to happen, but with their feud with the Shield, it's difficult to see if Hell No will actually retain or drop the belts, seeing how well Shield is getting pushed.
  10. I think they just didn't want to have a belt last for 8 years. I agree that it's pretty stupid to drop a 40-year lineage for that but still. Also the branding is a possibility (WWE instead of World).
  11. I would most likely say branding also.
  12. I don't see the branding as a big issue. The old titles still have the WWE name in front of them. Vince is supposedly annoyed by the use of the word 'World', hence why the WWF World Championship is now just the WWE Championship. But yet, they still call the secondary world title the World Heavyweight Championship, when they could just as well call it the WWE Heavyweight Championship, if the word 'World' really was such a big deal to them.
  13. Maybe the final point you made is something they are working on?

    And I don't know, maybe it was more than just the name of the title... more so the design? Don't have a clue.
  14. Because WWE wants their own stuff and didn't want a world tag team championship because it's more important the WWE tag team championship... It makes me think WWE believe they're better than the entire world
  15. They could have still called them the WWE tag team championships and kept the longer title history. The belts were unified, so it wouldn't have been illogical.
  16. I'm betting WWE will probably forget all about which history they decided to keep, and sometime in the future, one of the commentators will probably note how the current tag team champions are carrying the same belts that Demolition and Hart Foundation and the like once carried lol.
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