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  1. Giving Orton another championship run? I understand it turns him heel, but D-bry's first ever WWE Championship run will be like his WHC run, gone before he even has a chance to really have it. I mean they surely won't let Orton hold the belt for a month before D-bry wins it back.
  2. Bryan's the kinda guy who suits chasing the title. He wins the title... Then what? Part of the reason he's so over is because people love the underdog appeal of him, if he's WWE champion for an extended period of time he may lose that appeal. With Orton being champ Bryan stays over as the underdog chasing the WWE title, with people desperate for someone to get the title off of Orton and dictator Trips.

    Bryan will be in the main event scene for the foreseeable future, he'll win the WWE championship of Orton at some point, and then we'll get to enjoy a D-Bry reign. I'm just gonna enjoy these next few months as they look like they're gonna be awesome.
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  3. It's really simple really. I still don't get why people are so butthurt and don't see the big picture. Well, I kind of get it, but still.. I was sure something screwy would happen and still got 'upset' (I guess because my 'emotions'' were running high, yes I love DB that much) but after thinking about for about two minutes, it all makes sense. And this is coming from one of the most pessimistic shitheads on this site.

    Going over Cena clean > holding the title for a few months and losing it to Cena or Orton or whatever they would come up with. The guy is set as mainevent material, similar to Punk, just with that win alone. He IS going to get his title back, and there's going to be an interesting storyline and feud leading up to it (underdog Bryan chasing the belt and going up against the big bad evil "corporation" (Orton/HHH/McMahon?), what more can you ask for?
    Also, we get an ''anti-hero'' type character everyone so desperately wants. Bryan WILL get the title back, there's no way they had him go over Cena just for him to fall off the map and start jobbing or something. If anything this angle will make him even MORE of a star, you know, by overcoming every obstacle possible in a legitimate underdog role.
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  4. I knew it was coming since the last little Orton D-bry feud. The HHH part caught me off guard, but I figured Orton would take it at Summerslam so him and D-bry could feud again.
  5. I like the fact that Randy Orton is now the WWE Champion as a heel, but this has great potential. Triple H and Randy Orton as heel co-operation is amazing, it flares new interest into the company and builds more possible feuds. Daniel Bryan chasing the championship is/will be much more entertaining then him being the champion.

    The crowd will be behind the Daniel Bryan now even more which means it's a plus situation for both. It was the most ideal time for him to cash-in the briefcase as it was a main-event of a meaningful SummerSlam PPV, turns triple H heel with Randy Orton and WWE continue to push the positive momentum through to the next PPV.

    I don't see any harm from this, but it's all positive.
  6. Fuck Bryan man. He'll get his championship later, can't we all just be happy for these fucking heel turns.
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  7. Triple H fuckin sucks. Poor youngsta wins the title for the first time but why? Nobody liked
    this part, Big Show, Zig Zag and stuff not happy with this. Fuck hhh!
  8. Fuck you.
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  9. It's all designed to give Daniel Bryan yet another mountain to climb before he gets his well deserved championship reign. He gets the biggest win of his career by defeating John Cena as cleanly as anyone ever has and then it gets taken away from him just like that. Now he has to go through not only Randy Orton (who, despite defeating before, is still a very competent opponent and it's not like defeating him before was exactly easy) but the heel Corporate Triple H as well. Baby faces are usually at their best when they are chasing the title, which is the scenario we have here, especially given that Bryan's stature lends him towards being a natural underdog anyway.
  10. Shut the fuck up, retard!
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  11. Actually I like the idea of Orton champion again. Bryan will get the title soon, he has a rematch against Orton.
  12. Alright, tell me this. When Daniel Bryan wins the title, what does he do? Huh? That's right! He does nothing!
    Who is the fucking retard now? #Idiot
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  13. You used a hashtag ... On a wrestling forum. Duuuuuuuude :urm:
  14. It's a WWEF thing. #GetYourShitTogether

  15. It's not a WWEF thing, it's a Twitter thing.
  16. It's a twitter thing, but we do hashtags as well for fun. So much, that we even had a request to have our own for this site.


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  17. Technically,he's not talking,he's typing.
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  18. To build for the storyline. He gets the biggest win of his life and it gets taken away from him so quickly. It'll be awesome.
  19. I posted my predictions on my Tumblr a couple days before Summerslam. And I knew something fishy was going to happen. Because of what everyone is saying now. Daniel Bryan wins and then...? My guess was either Bryan goes heel (which was something that I highly doubted, since WWE are just raking in the cash having him as an underdog babyface), or that HHH goes heel and screws Bryan over. And that's exactly what happened.

    Although I wish Bryan could've held the title for at least a night (so we could've all slept so wonderfully), and then lost it on Raw, the good news is we have a HEEL champ backed by the Corporation.

    History has proven that if there's any way to get superstars over to LEGEND status, pitt them up against a HEEL champ backed by the McMahons. Obvious examples would be Mick Foley and Stone Cold.

    As popular as Bryan is, he's not a LEGEND yet. Honestly I don't even think he's peaked yet. Him holding the title would've caused his rise to plateau.

    Not only that, a heel champ gives the opportunity for other superstars to get over too. Anyone feuding with a champ that everyone utterly hates already has the crowd behind their back. And I could think of a number of superstars who deserve to get over.
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