Why did WWE ditch MSG?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. They never do Raw there anymore, and the only PPV there in the last 5 years was SS 2011. wtf? Best goddamn arena in the world, why don't they go there? You know That is WWE's home, and the crowds are always amazing.

    Am I missing something? Raw should be in MSG once every few months. And IMO one PPV should be MSG exclusive, like Summerslam in Staples. I say make the Rumble an MSG thing.
  2. Maybe the venue owner's rent it out for an astronomical price that there's no way between starting up the WWEN, rebuilding the developmental promotion, paying all of their employees, bringing back some pretty expensive employees that they can afford to do it like that.

    I agree with you completely though that if they do have the money to shell out for it they need to, MSG is by far my favorite venue that I have seen any type of show at live.
  3. IKR. I was hoping WM 30 Would be in MSG.
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  4. Oh god, you and me both. I realize they are all about having Mania in big shitty stadiums that ruin the atmosphere, but they can't touch MSG as far as that electricity being in the air.

    1, 10, 20... it needed to happen :((
  5. Apparently MSG has like 10 years to vacate its 45-year-old premises and find a new home....and you gotta keep in mind, MSG has went through a LOT of renovations. That's why you don't see WWE events there nowadays.
  6. Huh? MSG underwent a billion dollar renovation very recently
  7. ikr...but MSG apparently has to moved. Which is very stupid. #WasteOfMoney
  8. Huh. You would think if anything WWE would want to hold shows there while they can if this is the case.


    hmm, wtf? I don't get it.
  9. Well, since the MSG are done with their renovations, I expect some events next year. Tho TNA having a press conference in MSG doesn't help LOOOL
  10. I guess since we have this thread we may as well post some dank MSG WWE moments

    Idgaf if you like HHH or not, this gives any wrestling fan wood every time
  11. MSG just finished renovating the beginning of this year(did the knicks one year, the concert venue one, and the rangers another). Not sure if that would have to do with where the WWE events would be held.
  12. No it didn't, it was renovated. Same place, same arenas, new stuff added. [​IMG]
  13. MSG is going no where. Anyways, I assume the 3 year renovation has something to do with them not returning. At least it matches up 2011
  14. WrestleMania:

    Royal Rumble:


    Survivor Series:

    Seems like they return every 2 -4 years
  15. They did a house show in MSG back in December. I know they do a couple live events there every year, but not much else. Shame, MSG is probably the best crowd they'll get other than a Chicago or Philly crowd.
  16. lol MSG has already moved 2 times bro. What would stop it from moving again. NYC plays hardball and they want to build onto Penn Station. MSG can't be operated without the special operating license that expires in 10 years.
  17. Chicago crowds are so overrated.

    NYC > Philly >>>>>>> Chicago
  18. I'm aware, renovation just ended lol, they are going no where. Promise, something will get done.
  19. No offense dog but I'm not taking your word over every source I can find lol

    obviously its not a sure thing, but it is a clear possibility. And if not in 10 years, definitely 20.
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