Why did WWE Not try to pushing Ken Shamrock for the WWE Title?

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  1. Why did WWE Not try to pushing Ken Shamrock for the WWE Title? I mean the guy was a UFC Heayweight Champion which I did not even know when I was kids watching WWE. The guy for a fighter knew very well how to wrestling good in the ring. He won the WWE King of the Ring in 1998 against The Rock making him Tap Out (may I add like a little Bitch) even wroster at WM14 were they screw him out of winning the IC after he had already won it. And him winning the KOTR did not really do anything like it sopost to do, intead of the WWE evling Shamrock from winning the KOTR 6 month later The Rock the guy he made Tap Out to the Win KOTR The Rock would win the WWE Champion intead. Does anyone know why? Was this just the plan if so it seem dumb if ass mean the way that were pushong Shamrock at the time as the insaming World Most Danger Man! Which is something WWE did not give him ABC gave it to him. Please get me your though?​

  2. He was madly hot going into his match with HBK at DX IYH but he lost a lot of steam after, sadly WWE logic was prevelant even during it's greatest era. Plus his micskills required a lot to be desired, he was intense but I can't see him holding the title.
  3. Shamrock was pushed properly for his skillset. He wasn't good enough for the biggest prize with his World's Most Dangerous Man gimmick
  4. What IYH mean? I really feel if he has been in anyother era in WWE other then there grestest era AE Ken Shamrock would have been WWE Champion. But sadly he was in there Best Era and was over like by Bret,HBK,Stone Cold. But he beat Rock and that should evedly him to WWE Title pitcher but instead 6 month later it the guy he beat to win KOTR that get the WWE Title. :sad:
  5. World's Most Dangerous Man was NOT a gimmick. ABC gave him that name/title before he EVER sign with WWE it was not gimmick it was real him.
  6. ABC could say the sky was pink, doesn't mean it's true. Ken was a good fighter in his day but he was never the actual baddest man on the planet
  7. That was not my point u siad it was his "gimmick" when infact it was not gimmick he got that title for ABC before he ever sign with WWE. So he has that title before he start wrestling for WWE making it not a gimmick.
  8. In Your House.


    The match if you're interested.

    I agree the roster was stacked at the time, the KOTR win is odd as you say as it didn't leave anywhere, it's an odd one but WWF is full of that kind of thing sadly.
  9. How does that make it not a gimmick?

  10. I think you're confusing moniker with character here buddy.

    The moniker was given to him by ABC, he expanded on that and it became his gimmick.
  11. Oh ok. What was teh point of the whole "In Your House" thing I though so dumb when I was kid. And to this day thing it dumb and not making a DVD on it :LOL1: anying ppv other then the big 5 ppv at that time counting KOFR PPV. all other were PPV "In Your House" just dumb to me. as for his KOFR win yes it was since in 1997 HHH won it and before that 1996 Stone Cold won it both win on to being WWE Champion and Shamrock win it in 1998 and go no way and the guy he beat to win 6 month go later go on to win the WWE Title and being am Icon from there. Shamrock should been WWE Champion alot ones.
  12. b/c it was title him outside of WWE.it not like he did sign with WWE and that then told him ok ur gimmick is ur going to be title "The World most danger man" No ABC gave it to him and then WWE sign him and then use it.

    He was not a part of WWE when he was title that. if WWE sign him and told this is what ur going be that a gimmick kayfade. Shamerock using something that he got for the outside of WWE.
  13. He got the title outside of the WWE agreed, he signed for the WWE and they took that title and built a character from it.
  14. Nah, Seabs, he's convinced me. It was no gimmick afterall.
  15. the point is that wwe did not give it to him some else outside did. so it not really gimmick b/c WWE did make it Shamerock walk WWE already with it. Just like Ric Flair he was noit made in WWE he was made in NWA/WCW that was some that buit something Flair had before singing with WWE.
  16. Shamrock was never good enough on the mic for a main event spot. He was lucky to get the push that he received.
  17. :wtf: HE WAS FUCKIN GREAT IN THE RING! he should have got a wwe title push.
  18. Sadly he was an awful promo guy.
  19. By that logic Marty Janetty, Tito Santana, and Rick Martel should've been champion too.
  20. I rather havea better wrestler a WWE Chamnpion then a guy who just talk on the mic expmle Miz

    Just b/c u can't talk on the mic does not mean u should be WWE Champion. Miz can't wrestler shit if he life departed on it and b/c he can't talk on the mic he get a WWE Champion run and a main event of WM OH HELL NO.! I take the guy who wrestler as WWE Champion over a guy who suck in the ring any day of the week! :pipebomb:
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