Why didn't Vince pull the trigger on Hogan Vs. Flair

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  1. At Wrestlemania 8? It was quite possibly the biggest match at the time, each being an 80's icons and faces of their respective companies. Plus they were both relatively in their primes. Speculate away as I doubt any one knows for certain.

  2. My thoughts: because Vince is a retard
  3. #wwelogic
  4. Can't stand Hogan interviews.
  5. What a shocker coming from the biggest Hogan hater around
  6. So it was pulled because a dual main event would have drawn more?
  7. In theory I guess, but I don't think it really was the case.

    Another thing could have been they wanted to have a slow burning feud that lasted throughout 92 and led into WM 9, but Flair peaced out and headed to WCW
  8. It's a mix of things, I think: Vince wanted to save it for WM 9 (Rock/Cena basically), Hogan was afraid of Flair's charisma (you know Hogan was always insecure), they weren't doing "through the roof" numbers on house shows, etc.
  9. Serious reply, wasn't it because Hogan & Flair refused to job?
  10. It's a strong possibility, but only from Hogan's side. Flair jobbed to Hogan at least twice in WCW 1994.
  11. More than likely as I doubt Hogan would job to anyone round this time. Almost certain his ego rivalled someone @[Anxiety] loves so much.
  12. B/c that wanted this match to win the WWE CHAMPION at WM8 :machoman:! OH YET DIG IT
  13. I think the big problem was that Flair thought it needed to be a give-and-take feud, where they would have to trade wins and Hogan (and Vince?) felt like It should be three months of Hogan dominance.

    Since Flair had some backstage control (due to coming in as the "real" World Champion), he forced that idea away and they came back with the dual main event.


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  14. My info may be incorrect, but I think they did a few house shows and the numbers weren't really that good. Also, there's speculation that Vince has always hated the idea of someone else being able to create a wrestling superstar without the help of Vince McMahon or WWE involved. So perhaps he was hesitant to do a match between them because Flair was not a star that Vince had nothing to do with making. That seems somewhat petty and silly, though.
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