Why do fans have such influence on you?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, May 21, 2013.

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    *Not applied to anyone here, it's just a general thing*

    Let me tell you one of the biggest trend-cycles in the IWC:
    1. Majority of IWC likes an up-and-coming superstar
    2. Lots more figure out who this guy is, and start to like him
    3. Some fans are annoying with their fandom
    4. Parts of the IWC now hate this up-and-coming superstar and label him overrated
    5. Spends most of their time arguing why said superstar they were a fan of isn't that good
    Poster 1: Man I love this new guy, look at this:
    Poster 2: Love it, he's awesome. will be a star.
    Poster 1: Nah he's overrated, not even that good on the mic and is pretty poor overall really.

    Why does this happen? It's not just in wrestling, but it's in real life with movies, songs, and anything else. I understand the hipster approach where it's cool to like something that isn't liked by the majority, but how fans can influence you in a way that you no longer like the person you originally did is just annoying. Do they honestly think "Hey, if these guys see me not agreeing with the majority, they will see me as a smart user!" Does anyone think like that?

    It can't just be me who is sick of the hipster hate? Can anything actually *be* overrated? Surely the correct term is that it is simply rated, but you don't approve of it. If the vast majority rate it, then there is a much bigger case of you underrating it than there is the majority overrating it.

    Can people not just ignore the fans and enjoy the superstar(s) for what talents they have?

  2. Still trying to understand the title...
  3. Should be "do" - my bad. I rushed it. Get off my back jabroni.
  4. IWT:

    Otherwise known as the Internet Wrestling Community. A group of people, who tend to criticize the favorable Pro Wrestling product, and favor the minority Pro Wrestling product such as FIP, or ROH. Tend to have a different look on the ring work. Seem to enjoy Pro Wrestlers with little to no personality that can put on meaningless 50 plus minute matches of 80% Gymnastic spot fests, and 20% actual wrestling that neither tell a story about either wrestler nor showcase the selling of any maneuvers longer than 30 seconds.
    The "IWC" is basically a group of Pro Wrestling "Smark" fans that spend the majority of their life in Message boards or Wrestling chat rooms. They usually tend to argue with women and children (extremely pathetic in nature)and pose an arrogant attitude. People of the "IWC" are generally social rejects that tend to fit extremely well with the typical suburban highschool geek or misfit. However the ones that are much older will tend to have facial hair, and appear ungroomed.


    Acronym for "Internet Wrestling Community", mostly used by smug, ignorant, and elitist wrestling fans on the internet as a pejorative against the popular opinion they are dissenting from. However, they fail to realize that if you use the internet to talk about wrestling that, hey, you are a part of the same IWC that you tear down.
    Poster #1: The IWC needs to get a clue! They're nothing but sheep!
  5. I still don't get it.

    Something like "Do people's opinions influence you?" as this is what I'm getting from reading the thread? :lol1:
  6. I like my current one.

    Rodrigo, this isn't just isolated to the IWC. It's pretty universal.
  7. IWT is not IWC :lol1:

    Also what does this post have to do with anything or am I just confused?
  8. So Dolph's? :vince: <-- Where is this smiley? :sad:
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    Idk. I guess people like to be "different", so they dislike what everyone else likes, or like what no one else likes (yet). Hipster mentality.

    I see it happen with music A LOT.
    Pretty similar to the IWC you described. "OMG XBAND IS SO UNDERRATED HOW DOES NO ONE KNOW ABOUT THESE GUYS!!" fast-forward a couple months "LOL FUCKING OVERRATED, LAME AND WORTHLESS BAND."
    Actually, Ghost (band) comes to mind. I remember when they first released their demo and they weren't "big" yet, everyone jizzed but now that they're pretty "mainstream" (at least when it comes to Rock/Metal) a lot of the 2kool4skool kids and hipsters have turned on them, calling them "overrated, gimmiky, boring, lame, etc".

    Really fucking weird and stupid.

    Then again, some people are just very vocal when it comes to their opinion. I see Lil' Wayne and garbage like that everywhere, and I'll be the first to tell you that shit FUCKING SUCKS. It has nothing to do with me trying to be hip and ''different''. It's just annoying seeing someone you think is absolute shit, being mentioned EVERYWHERE.
  10. They have a large influence on me because when it's too damn hot in my house they're always there for me because I'm a cheap ass who won't turn on the AC
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  11. As for a serious reply (since I couldn't stop thinking about this one) it works for different things different ways.

    With stuff in general: A lot of things that become popular are from silly people going along with crowds because it's "fun", whereas another group just thinks it's retarded and can't stand those who do like it. Take whatever random shit is famous on the internet atm, remember the Harlem Shake? If you're part of group A you'll flop around like morons having a seizure because it's fun, if you're part of group B you won't even bother to watch before shitting all over it because you've pretty much figured out whatever random thing becomes popular isn't for you.

    With music, a lot of times people fall in love with a band that's underground/not mainstream, then they'll have a bit of mainstream success and then completely change their sound. They do away with all the stuff you loved and start overproducing guitar riffs, having generic writing, and relying on catchiness in a desperate attempt to stay that way. Basically, they turn into this.

    There's group A who just now heard of the band and love them because they don't listen to underground music, there's group B who were old fans of the band who cry about the old sound and wanting it back (despite this being much more profitable, sadly) and group C who just heard of them and don't like them, so the band seems like it has more haters but really they just gained popularity.

    (Nameless Ghoul, does anyone actually like Lil' Wayne's music? Thought people liked him because of either controversial/hilarious lyrics or hilariously bad lyrics)

    In wrestling it's the same way as music. Someone in the mid-card (see Brooks, Phil) we'll get behind and thinkg "holy cow this guy MUST be pushed! How can someone this good at working/talking be stuck in the mid-card for so long!?", then their flaws are exposed and they get a character the IWC hates because it's "marketable" and makes Vince money. Case in point, when we got behind Aries and Roode when they were X-Division/tag guys, then they got into the main-event scene and we all still loved them.

    In sports... oh boy, who knows what sports fans think. So many sports fans are so irrational and who the hell knows what they're thinking. Shitty sports coverage has a large part of it.
    But most of us love an underdog story. We'll get behind a team like the Patriots when the Rams are on top, hate on the Rams, then when the Patriots break through and win the Super Bowl they're on top and we root for the next team to knock them off even if they have the same Rams players who we were just hating on. That's just the nature of sports.

    At least that's my opinion. It's mostly just stupid mindless sheep loving everything or hating on everything because they're stupid mindless sheep.
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