Why do I hate Christian?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by HHHBestHeelEver, Jul 29, 2013.

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  1. dont have a real reason, but the guy has no talent for me.. captain charisma... my ass :/, i change channels when he´s in a match like right now, i dislike him at cena´s level
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  2. He's not THAT bad, lol. But I'm also not really a fan, he's OKAY. I seriously don't get why he's worshiped among the IWC (or was, don't see so many marks now).
  3. i like him better back in the day when he was with edge.. their cockyness was even "nice", but now, he´s just lost there
  4. It's alot like D'Z says about Miz, everyone on the roster was either shitty or misused to the point of apathy. So you latch on to one guy who has some entertaining qualities, but now that the roster's been restocked + booking is competent there's no real use for the guy in the ME.

    He's a boring character atm, not that great of a talker and they don't give him the mic anyway so he just wrestles pointless matches. That's why you hate him. I'm okay with him as #1 contender since he's the most interesting guy not named Ziggler to even look at that belt since Henry lost it
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  5. most interesting guy?.... cmon, you have the zigglers, and even jericho i you want, hell, ill even throw the miz there to name some better than christian now
  6. :pity2:
  7. yes... i stand what i said, even the miz thats how much i dislike christian now
  8. He's pretty boring as a face.
  9. I dont know why you hate him, but I hate him because:

    -He's looks generic
    -He's boring in the ring
    -He's generally just sputtering his wheels in the mid cards
    -When he does get pushed he almost never wins the big one and if he does, Orton beats him the following night :why:
  10. The problem with Christian is mostly booking. He can wrestle and talk, but he's always put in pointless matches all the time, never given mic time, not put in a lot of meaningful feuds since Orton (it's been two years, although granted he was hurt a lot of the time but still) and he has no character (although that is because he never cuts promos). I like the guy but it's really understandable why someone wouldn't like him, he's booked to look like crap.
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  11. This thread will make Larsosc cry....
  12. Only a tad.

    Nah, but seriously. I understand why people don't get the hype around Christian at the moment as he isn't doing shit and has pretty much no character right now. It's just that the dude has never gotten a proper good run whether it's with a championship or not and judging from his heel run in 2011 I'd say that he can pull off a good angle.

    -He's an underdog (somewhat kayfabely but very much so non-kayfabe) and bitches love underdogs
    -People have loved him ever since his days with Edge.
    -People think he deserves a title run and religiously follow up on him because of that.
    -I'd say he's not bad in the ring at all. I enjoy his matches.
    -His heel run in 2011 was the bomb.
    That's all the reasons why people love Christian I could think of. I'd say you shouldn't hate a guy for being booked poorly, but if you find him boring then I fully understand you. He's probably searching for something though.

    I say turn him heel again. It seemed like he really enjoyed himself in that role and could handle himself very nicely. Also, since he really isn't getting too much reaction from the crowd the best heat he can get is heel heat right now.
  13. This.

    This is exactly why people need to give wrestlers time. Christian just came back from an injury and 4-5 weeks isn't enough time for a guy to develop anything serious. As he's returned of course they're gonna play that up as much as they can. As soon as they can't play the "Christian's looking good in his return!" card anymore, maybe we'll see something a lot more interesting.
  14. As others have said he has ability but he's been placed in such in such dull stories that he's not feeling like he's anything special. Look at his heel run in 05 when he had purpose, he was an easy mainevent talent.

    Examples above.
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