Why do most WWE superstars go to TNA?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Oct 21, 2012.

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  1. Why?
  2. Well firstly, "most" is wrong. Fair enough a portion have and it's been pretty high-profile, but it's a great place to go for easy money. The schedule is easy, they get to keep wrestling with relevant storylines because of their names, easy money.
  3. As soon as Vince dumps you where else can you go? Japan isn't a great earner any more I believe and most WWE workers couldn't work the style successfully anyway, ROH and PWG wouldn't pay enough either.
  4. has anyone went from tna to wwe
  5. Well, alot of WWE superstars have moved to the TNA. I think that's why he said, "most."
  6. Compared to the amount of ex WWE guys that have gone to the indies the amount that has gone to WWE is very small. The fact that it looks like much is that the guys that have gone have been high profile like for example Hogan, Jeff and Anderson.
  7. It's all about the money. Also if people are under or mis used,like christian they can be given a world push etc.
  8. @[Stopspot] Oh. I thought it was more than that.
  9. A lot of WWE guys have gone to TNA, but there are a lot more of them out working the American and Japanese indie scene than there are in TNA.
  10. Because TNA is the second biggest promotion in America.
  11. Oh yeah. I heard of that. Was Vladmir Kozlov one of them that moved to the Japanese indie scene?
  12. Because in TNA you get TV time, high pay(not as much as WWE, but it's still very good), chance to do stuff on the side since you get an easy schedule(Eric Young's fishing show for one), it's the second biggest promotion in America, get a chance to reach out to different fans, get pushes you may never have gotten in the WWE, go with a different product, and go after different championships that are of high value.
  13. Nice pay, 2nd biggest, similar style...
  14. From what I can tell they turn a blind eye towards drugs.

    Less hectic schedule at a fair pay

    Backstage politics

    Released from WWE

    To see Hulk Hogan's sex tape
  15. More like the world.
  16. Because TNA likes to take the wrestlers that WWE doesnt like. They take them because they're good but I think TNA is trying to do "What you cant do with all these superstars, we can do a great job."
  17. I was stating America because most people won't want to move abroad. Only a select few move to Japan. :vince:
  18. WWE gobbles up talent. Wayyyyyyy too much talent, and they don't have room for most of it. So when guys are inevitably released why wouldn't TNA sign them? Everyone knows that WWE has the deepest talent pool and no idea how to use 95% of their superstars.
  19. Money.

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