Why do people deny plastic surgery?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Jun 26, 2017.

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  1. I mean it is your choice to do it but why deny it when it is obvious?
    I don't get why rich or famous people feel the need to lie through their teeth about it.
    She is a good example:


    I don't know anything about the woman but come on. She says she never had work done. :pity:
    That just shows her face as well. She also got a bewb job and hip/butt implants. Why lie, seriously? Al I think the pics above are her at 12 vs her at 16/17. But still... Puberty doesn't work like that!

    Are there other women or even men who deny having work done when it is painfully obvious that it is a lie?
  2. To admit you had work done would imply you had flaws that you were self conscious about. To a socialite/celebrity public image is everything, they seek attention because publicity makes them money. Whether that means acting like a complete ass to get 15 minutes on TMZ or paying to get ass injections and a nose job just to get modeling deals on Instagram. That's just my theory though idk, people be stupid.
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  3. Seems like most of them don't like admitting any flaws so that makes sense.
  4. Saying you never got plastic surgery gets you more Twitter mentions and lets people argue about you on random forums and increases your exposure. Marketing 101 in Donald Trump's America
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  5. I don't understand this marketing unless you (the one who got the surgery) are simply an object....



  6. I will NEVER get plastic surgery.
    I mean, Look at some of the Famous ppl who do hv plastic surgery. They might look nice NOW and in their younger yrs, BUT, What about when they get older? Whats wrong with keeping what u were born with? Cant ppl be happy with their NATURAL Selves? It just makes them look worse when they get old
  7. Even today there's a massive stigma with plastic surgery, not to mention what Botchie said. Some don't want to admit they are vain and others don't want to admit to their flaws.

    There is also a belief that being beautiful naturally is the pinnacle of the whole beauty thing. So everyone claims that because they all want to be 'naturally' beautiful even if they couldn't stand their natural self.

    I don't have an opinion either way on this, what I don't like is celebrities and society making girls growing up asking for boob jobs for their 18th birthday because they are shown time and again that their own self is 'just not good enough'.

    Obviously media plays a massive role in this too.
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  8. Oh for sure. The ideas that it puts in young girl's minds is messed up. Also, I want to say that I don't judge people for doing it... it is their body and all, but why would a woman who looks beautiful as she is opt to make anything different!? That is the part that really puzzles me. I am not sure who this woman is but she looked perfectly fine before the work and looks oddly inhuman after:


    It seems like there is obsession right now in the media with sharp jaws, thick eyebrows, and huge lips. Not to mentioned the fake boob trend that never seems to go away but also now we have butt implants. I get wanting to enhance yourself but I just don't understand ruining natural beauty. Heck, I even think that Kylie girl/woman looked better before her work. She looked real. This plastic "filter always on" lifestyle is warping girl's and women's minds.
  9. I actually found this question being asked on reddit as well and this guy has a point:

    "Because they get criticized for it. The f**ked up part is that society tells us that we must be young forever and never age, but when we take measures to stay young we are criticized for having the procedure done. Its a lose/lose situation."

    I mean that is true. We get told it is best to look as young as possible as long as possible so when people attempt this through surgery, they get judged. If they don't they get judge for looking older or God forbid, their own actual age.
  10. Im 25 and everywhere I go I hv ppl say to me that they thought I was 18