Why do people hate PG?

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  1. I've seen people begging for a return of TV-14 programming so I'm asking why do people hate PG so much?

    The description of the rating, read this if you're just after abit of swearing :

    This rating signifies that the program may be unsuitable for children under the age of 9 without the guidance and monitoring of a parent. Many parents may want to watch it with their younger children. Various game shows and most reality television shows are rated TV-PG for their suggestive dialogue, suggestive humor, and/or coarse language. Some anime programs are given this rating, as are many prime-time series. Prime-time Cartoon Network series and all World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) programs (including those aired on pay-per-view) after 2008 were changed to TV-PG (save for SmackDown, it bore a TV-PG rating since its inception in 1999). Sometimes on occasion, an R-rated film in heavily edited form, depending on its overall content, may warrant a TV-PG rating.

  2. The ''badassness'' is kinda gone that Stone Cold brought over the years for example.
    The better promo's with sometimes a nice SOB shout in it, ofcourse the blood is gone because of PG.
    And yeah, I'll stick with that the badass aura is pretty gone atm.
  3. Isn't blood gone due to it putting wrestlers at a risk of infection?
  4. I think they did it for the shock.
    Some kids these days crap their shorts for a lil blood.
    Mostly blades are new, and sure as hell desinfected before a match.
    If that was the case, they would stop the blading years ago imo.
  5. It's not the "PG Rating" that's the problem, it's the "Family-friendly feel of the show".
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  6. That too, all for the kids and all about the muneyz..
  7. They did stop the blading years ago, the blades may be clean but lets say it's in your wrist tape for 30 + minutes and you're sweating and what not, the potential is there. Not to mention if someone has a blood related illness which could be transferred by contact and you both blade then go for a suplex.
  8. The story lines and feud are complete shit because of it. No point of having matches like Hell in the Cell, Elimination Chamber. The only thing I like about those matches was the blood and now they don't even open the door in hell in the cell and on EC barely any glasses broken.
  9. True, but last time I checked the ref gave the blade. :otunga:
  10. Not always sometimes it's kept in the wrist tape or boots.

    @[Big Hoss Rambler] That's booking not the rating though? Say we went back to TV-14 that doesn't mean we'll get shit loads of blood does it? Not to mention we had about 3 pods broken last year at EC.
  11. Glass? Plastic imo.


    If they'd stop that and just let the ref give it, the problem would be solved for a bit right?
  12. Not really it's still going to be exposed to the air and as such germs isn't it?
  13. WWE has lost it's touch, WWE would compete against other brands such as WCW for ratings. This meant they would make the matches as exciting as possible, in order to beat the competition. Now that WWE is far ahead they are able to change their market. Obviously kids watched it due to older siblings watching it, which meant they would target kids as well in their production, and tv targeted towards children needs to have warnings, Which is why WWE have don't try this on all programming. But laws still require any television to ensure that what children view is safe, which is why WWE have resulted in dimming down violence, as well as the concussions being very common, WWE reduced and ensured safety procedures are in, like R-Truth being taken out when he missed Miz, back in the day he would have continued.

    Blood was an issue, as infections occured, but there are many alternatives such as packs, which could be done like a blade job, stash it under the ring and camera pans off so they can do so, not as effective as blade jobs, but still effective.

    Kids campaigns such as Be a star helps promote the business and further dive into the PG, so they can create an image of them caring for kids. This and Nick choice awards, obviously PG is a must.

    The reason I hate it is they blast stars with steroids back in the 90's, reject numerous deaths caused by these, then when they are dominating the market, and notice a business turn which would benefit them, if they did PG in the 90's WWE would not be here today, I guarantee that. If it barely managed to survive, you would have barney the dinosaur taking on Justin Beiber in a tickle fight. Will they go back? Not for a while, Kids are a big market, and they will beg, and cry and bang their little heads on the floor to buy merchandise and see their heroes, like PG poster boy John Cena.

    Any babyface today is built up as a role model. Cena, Punk, Sheamus. All the same. Any heel today runs like cowards, teaching bullies are cowards. PG is here to stay until they bleed it dry and another major market opens up.
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  14. True. But if they cut it not in the beginning but like almost at the end, they can be medicaly checked immideately.
    WWE's health care is good as hell, right?
  15. Probably but still is it worth putting these guys in more danger ?
  16. Look at that salary.
  17. Look at the constant bumping they do 5 times a week. That earns them their money so why should we put them in even more danger?
  18. 5 times?
    For real? They are trained for it, and they chose to be a wrestler.
    It's not that they where pushed to choose this kind of job.
    And then again, with their salary, I would come to the ring 5 times, do autograph signings, keep up with my twitter followers and blade if needed. Enough of medical supplies to stop my forehead to get an infection.

    Superstars are tested from head to toe. If one of them had let's say 'bad blood' they sure as hell will not make him blade and come in contact with blood from another superstar, right?
  19. Any reports that say they're blood tested regularly? I have never heard that. They chose to wrestle not cut their foreheads for a cheap pop. Not to mention how many guys blade then stay out there for 10+ minutes. Risk of infection and loss of blood is too much. I once again ask what justifies the risk?
  20. No good story lines = no good ratings. When I argue with someone irl, I tend to swear at them. Acting all PG in a feud is stupid. We need more violence. It's not just about the blood though. Those big matches are supposed be intimidating with all those cages around.

    Now, it is so no blood.
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