Why Do People Hate Ryback?

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  1. He's certainly not the greatest but come on.
    Is it cool to hate on him or something?
    I don't care for him too much but he is entertaining. I'm not going to hate on someone because they aren't as good as say Daniel Bryan or Shawn Michaels but you gotta give him some credit. If he wasn't good at all he wouldn't have made it on Raw in the first place, let alone NXT.

    So what's the deal with hating on him? He's certainly not as bad as Goldberg was. :pity:
  2. Too many people compare him to Goldberg, which is annoying because Goldberg is leaps and bounds better than him.
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  3. There was an "Why Do People Love Ryback?" thread (or something similar) recently too, he's split within the IWC. Some people love him for being a face who isn't a smiley-smiley guy, they like his intensity, look, mic skills and character. Some dislike him for being similar to Goldberg, being over-pushed, generic, bad ring skills etc.

    The question applies for any wrestler. There is probably some guy out there who hates Dean Ambrose which would baffle me, but opinions are opinions.
  4. And anyone who disagrees is a young child who missed the Attitude Era.
  5. Because he isn't what the IWC in general wants to see in the main event (mainly due to his size and his preference for power moves.) the IWC is a fickle beast who tends to prefer stellar in ring workers and who clamor for change but at the same time is deadly afraid of it.
  6. Great post.

    "BUT GOLDBERG WAS TEH SUCKS IN DA RING"- kid who wasn't even born when Goldberg was in WCW.
  7. Dean? :haha: What a joke.

    (I'm kidding)

    And yeah I guess so. I ask though because I am indifferent with him. I don't like him but I don't hate him. To me, he's better than Goldberg but as you can see above, not everyone thinks so. I do agree that he got a better/quicker push then some of the better wrestlers have but I think he's what Vince wants right now, in which case, his flames will burn out a lot faster then say Danial Bryan or Ziggler, or even Punk.
  8. Ryback's shortcomings as an in ring performer have nothing to do with the IWC being fickle.

    People loved him before they had seen much of him in the ring, and now that he has been exposed as a greener than goat shit beginner-esque ring performer, there is naturally some backlash against him.
  9. Because he is going to legit kill someone in the ring...
    He's as bad as Ahmed Johnson!
  10. I'm not a little kid! I'm 24 okay! :upset:
  11. Also, some might be aware that I don't watch WWE anymore, but I have seen Ryback perform and I've watched his promos purely because of the Goldberg comparison. There is nothing to compare. Goldberg was the most intense WWE superstar ever, super powerful and just had 'that look' which perfectly suited his animal gimmick.
  12. Personally I'm a fan. I'm grateful that a face they're pushing is talented, and isn't a smiley-smiley gimmick like Cena, Sheamus and Rey Mysterio. I'm so tired of all faces removing ANY heel traits like being "cocky", do you think Rock and Stone Cold were coming down kicking ass and smiling at the kids and all that crap? No, the appealing factor around those two was the bad ass feeling you got, hence why more adult fans enjoyed them.

    I don't care if Ryback is similar to Goldberg (even though he's not really imo), he is better in the ring anyway and on the mic; the two important factors that I personally care about. His gimmick of just wanting to beat people up is great.
  13. :pity1:

  14. Goldberg wasn't much in the ring, in my opinion anyway. Apart from his spear and a couple other spot-moves, the rest was mediocre.
  15. From a technical aspect Ryback may be better (emphasis on may)

    as an overall in ring performer Rydick isn't a pimple on Goldberg's ass
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  16. *cough* Summerslam '03 *cough*
  17. Was speaking from a technical viewpoint yeah.
  18. If memory serves me correctly, that was the match that had like 5 other stars? One on one match ups, Goldberg wasn't much.

    Drew McIntyre was the absolute star of the 2010 elimination chamber PPV, but I wouldn't go as far as saying he's great in the ring, lol.

    His intensity and performing was great though, I'm speaking specifically from a technical viewpoint. An hour-long iron man match with Goldberg involved wouldn't exactly give me a semi, if you get my drift.
  19. Meanwhile an hour long iron man match featuring Rydick would be the bees knees
  20. God no, you're lucky you missed HIAC. That was poor.
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