Why do people think wrestling fans are Cena fans?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Franklin, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. Everywhere I go people think I am a John Cena fan. When I tell someone that I watch the WWE then they automatically think I'm a Cena fan. What's up with that? I never wear his shirts. I only wear CM Punk shirts. Shouldn't this be a clue?

    Does anyone else experience this?
  2. No, usually I establish myself as a Rhodes or Farooq fan since /i start blabbing about both of them when people talk about wrestling towards me.
  3. I don't experience that no, John Cena is probably the only person they can associate with wrestling.
  4. It's a cultural thing. Just like people thought all wrestling fans were Hogan fans in the 80's and Rock or Stone Cold fans in the 90's. Cena is the most mainstream.
  5. Maybe because cena is the face of the company? most well known current wrestler?
  6. Everyone I talk to always assumes I am a Randy Orton fan.... which I am a huge RKO fan, so that's cool.
  7. At least we're not all been Hornswoggle fans, right? :haha:
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  8. He is the face of wwe. That is most probably the only wrestler they know.
  9. As people have said he's the face of the company and the only wrestler that non fans are likely to have heard of. Other than The Rock and people like that, but they will know that the vast majority of stars from way back when are retired also.

    The one I always get is people are shocked that Kane and Show are still wrestling after all these years.
  10. Nah, I don't experience this. Although, he is the face of the company right now.
  11. Experiencing that too. As they said, face of the company thing.
  12. Nah, most folks down here just relate wrestling to "fake fighting, circus crap" so they probably don't know who Cena is. Plus, I don't even try to understand what non-fans make out of wrestling, I don't give a crap, really.
  13. This seems perfectly natural. Cena has been the face of the company for over half a decade so of course they'll associate most all fans as probably being fans of Cena in some form or another.
  14. It's because Cena is the face of the company, when non-wrestling fans think of wrestling, the think of John Cena
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