Why do some marks want to see AEW fail?


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This question was posed in a recent Sporting News op-ed.

If you want All Elite Wrestling to fail, you can't call yourself a fan of pro wrestling

Isn't it good for the wrestling business that we finally have a competitor in town? For far too long, Vince McMahon has held a monopoly on wrestling. Fans complain about how boring RAW or Smackdown is and the WWE's child friendly content, but when AEW enters the fray, fans take to twitter and bash its inaugural show! The article points out that AEW's show is geared towards the 18 & older crowd and there will be an emphasis on tag team wrestling. The owner Tony Khan is knowledgeable of wrestling so he's not here to make a quick buck.
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I think it's just mostly the Russo/Nash cult worshipers who think it's cool to hate everything that "indie" fans like. Just like some of the hardcore fans just want to see WWE fail...
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Oh boy time for me to kind of rant.

Right now there is two groups in Wrestling Anti-WWE and Pro-WWE ,and both have a toxic mentality of "Us vs Them" and "We have to get them, before they get us." It is kind of like American Politics or Politics in general, but I won't dwell on that. One main reason people won't AEW to fail is because they are die-hard WWE fans and refuse to give anything outside of WWE a chance because it doesn't fit the mold they are use to. Second main reason, WWE fans see Indy/Japanese fans as Plebs and they are the superior "Sports Entertainment" fans because they have been conditioned to accept WWE without question kind of like how people in a cult never question the leader. Third main reason, because they live in Nostalgia and refuse to move on. Now what does that main exactly? Easy it means that remember WWE being this great place and such and refuse to see that it is in the Past and hasn't really caught up with other promotions. Fourth main reason, people hate Cody, the Bucks, Omega, and whoever else for little to no reason, and so if AEW fails they can point and laugh and add more fuel to he fire, and be honest wishing for someone's failure is awful is unnecessary.

And sure they will be people saying you will still watch WWE so I don't know why you are blah blah blah and such. But guess what? You watch both companies and want both to do well people did this the Attitude Era, and even did it when TNA was a thing, I mean it still is but you get my point. I watch New Japan, All Japan, Dragon Gate, Stardom, TJPW, Ice Ribbon, AEW (when it happens), NXT, and RAW and Smackdown. Guess what? I enjoy each for the for different reasons, though WWE minus NXT, is really losing me because it has been awful and once you watch other wrestling you see the faults in WWE and realize WWE needs to catch up. Now, do I want WWE to take jabs at AEW? Hell no. Do I want AEW to continue taking jabs at WWE? Hell no as well. As well, I won't be "jumping ship" either because I never really was die hard WWE when I came back to Wrestling and I only watch because of certain people on there as well as it gets talked about a lot on here.

I would also to like my point to be cleared. Am I on the AEW "hype train"? Yes and no. Yes, I am on it because I like a lot of people involved and they focus on Wrestling and understand that the Wrestling is the entertainment and that the match should tell the story and the other away around. I would also like to say, that I am looking at AEW closely will take my time with it before I go All In on it, get it, before I think it is the greatest thing ever since sliced bread.

That is my opinion on it, and yeah it may not be the best or most sound, but hopefully you get my point which is if you like WWE great, if you like AEW great, but don't just shitting on the other just because you don't like it. I don't like Chocolate Ice Cream, but I am no gonna shit on someone for liking it, and with that I am off and this may not have a lot to do with what is being discussed, but I had to let this out.

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Because marks are WWE fans before everything else, they don’t even understand the concept of professional wrestling. Everything that’s not WWE is a no-no and should vanish according to them.

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