Why do we even bother to watch this crap?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, May 15, 2012.

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  1. Seriously, why? If it wasn't for the fact that I could fast forward most of it I would've given up watching that show the second that Big Show segment started. Just about everything that could possibly be wrong with it was.

    For starters, we get Triple H delivering his usual boring-ass promo - managing to bury his opponent in the process - mercifully interupted by the best thing on the show at the moment in Paul Heyman. Delivers an outstanding promo, sadly he doesn't deserve more than 5 minutes according to the retards that book this shit.

    They then decide that instead of having a back and forth mic battle between Punk and Bryan - no doubt building their fued in the process - that they will have a tag team match involving Santino and Rhodes? WHY!? Of course as per fucking usual the face team win the match.

    Then they give us a 2 minute long divas match, once again why? Backstage conversations must go something like this.."Hmm.. should we entertain them with a good length match, with our actual talented divas? Should we have a bikini contest so they can all salvate over Layla's ass?" "No. Terrible suggestion. Lets have a meaningless 2 minute long match which is a waste of everyone's time and will not look bad on Linda's senate campaign." "Oh you're right, great plan."

    Then.. we get possibly one of the worst and most akward segments I've ever seen on Raw. I felt as uncomfortable as I did watching the infamous Katie Vick segment and at least that was entertaining in it's own way. This shit was just excrutiating. We had Johnny telling Big Show to apoligize for twenty minutes or he gets fired. Big Show then starts to cry - this is stupid in so, so many ways.

    Well if he gets fired it's not like he's gonna be struggling financially, we all know that they all get paid shitloads. He claims it's because he will miss 'performing' for the fans, well go to TNA then? Seriously this segment was so akward, so tedious and it was just insulting to our intelligence.

    Then, we found out that Kane - who had just beaten the guy who has buried half the fricken roster at some point - is going to face Zack Ryder in the pre-show. :insert facepalm emotion:

    Then of course the 6 man tag match in which Ziggler and Miz get buried again by Fatty Clay. That was fun.

    Then we got to see about the only thing that has gone well which is the Smackdown WHC fued. Enjoyed that tonight.

    Then the smile was wiped off my face as Cena and Laurinaitis managed to produce one of the most cringe-enducing segments I've ever witnessed. It was horrible in so many ways. It was just Cena constantly delivering horrible lines and Ace corpsing for twenty fucking minutes. Seriously the loser thing and the "Puck yourself" line was so childish. He built it up as if it was gonna be some hilarious line then all he gives us is rhyming slang? :insertsecondfacepalmemotion:

    Then we find out that it's just gonna be a 1-on-1 match between Cena and Ace. Jesus wept. If this shit is the main event for Over the Limit then that is just embarrasing. Two fantastic peformers in Daniel Bryan and CM Punk have taken a back seat while we see a fued between a stale-ass superstar and a non-wrestler. Wow.

    I'll put this in a way that John Cena and his childish humour may understand - this company is producing shows that are a load of Tom-Kite, and are treating us like complete DCI Gene Hunts, so the lot of you can go and 'Puck yourselves'.
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  2. This is why I don't think RAW is the A show anymore. Smackdown might be treated like the B show but Smackdown most often then not have better build up then RAW unless it's for one of the big 4. I am also more entertained by Smackdown then I am RAW on a regular basis. But WWE's best shows are superstars and NXTand have been for a while now.
  3. Yep. That's because the people creating the shows put in more effort into producing a good product. WWE has just gotten complacent with Raw because all the big stars are on there.
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  4. Nah, even with RAW fucksucking it can never be as bad as SD.
  5. [​IMG]

    Oh Layla, the things I would do
  6. :laugh:
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  7. R'Albin, holy shit that sig is amazing!

    Very, very nice rant there. This show was abysmal, and I've been asking the same thing you are.
    Wasn't going to watch because there's no reason to believe it would be good, but Crayo convinced me to join in the discussion thread... Especially since Dolph's wasn't there, someone had to bitch for 2 hours in the thread. The discussion thread and talking about the show in threads like this are literally the only reasons to watch Raw, and Smackdown doesn't even have that. (Although, Crayo, SD has more hope than Raw at this point)

    So much better to just watch NXT/Superstars/TNA and read what happened on Raw, and hope TNA can actually give them some competition in the future.

    Those are my reasons, what are yours?
  8. I know, Layla is awesome <3

    Mainly just because of superstars I mark for, Bryan, Punk and Jericho. Also because we got a really good couple of shows in Extreme Rules and Wrestlemania, and they sort of gave me hope for the coming months. But it turned out Dolph's was right in his thread after ER when he predicted a bleak few months.

    As you know I'm currently watching my first episode of TNA, and I've also been casually watching bits of NXT/Superstars as they are much better than the "main" product at the minute.

    Smackdown is improving a bit again, not enjoying Sheamus at all but the WHC fued has actually been pretty good.
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  9. Smackdown in my personal opinion is better then RAW at the moment and is so consistently. Feuds always get build on Smackdown even if it's very little or stupid build. The matches are better and the characters minus big show more entertaining. Plus. Millions of dollars!
  10. I forgot about that thread.

    I would rather watch that Layla gif for 2 hours than watch Raw at this point.
  11. The show was pretty bad. The "build up" for Bryan vs Punk offends me, and knowing that Cena vs Ace will be a joke (which we found after a few minutes of childish insults) along with having to watch Big Show for that long and that horrendous chokeslam make me happy that I didn't lose some hours of sleep last night watching Raw live.
  12. I've spent more time watching that Gif today than I did watching that Monday Night Raw.

  13. You guys sound like you hate WWE. *Confused*
  14. What's not to hate?
  15. These guys are still doing their best to entertain us. They sacrifice their bodies for it. So hating WWE is going a little too far.
  16. I like and respect a lot of the athletes they have, it's not them that I/we hate. It's the company, the booking, the suits, ect.
  17. Wrestlingforum.com was already taken, lol

    We're more wrestling fans than strictly WWE, and WWE has really angered us all lately. The show's just boring.
  18. I suppose the people who write the shows aren't down to earth. It doesn't seem they have time to sit and watch the programming as fans as we do. I've been to so many shows and have enjoyed all of them. Vince/Hunter/Steph don't seem to understand what truly drives a person. I could never write these shows weekly, but if I did, it wouldn't hurt to get some idea of what fans are thinking.

    When Vince was younger and had time to view things, he could put out a more buzzing show. Getting a feel for your consumer (sp) is always better when you actually interact with them. After all, nobody is black and white
  19. We do not hate the company per say. We hate the shitty product they think we want to see.
  20. Completely this ^
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