Why do we want to see people getting pushed?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. I was just thinking... Everyone in the IWC wanted a main-event push for CM Punk, but now that it's happened, they've completely destroyed his character and we don't want to see him any more. Going into Elimination Chamber, Crayo and I were discussing that Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett were the two best heels they had on the show since Mark Henry was hurt, and it's not a coincidence that those guys haven't been to the title scene.

    If you're a babyface, you're incredibly boring and telling bad jokes. If you're a heel, you're a really arrogant paper champion. Neither character is entertaining, and it seems like those are the only characters you will get with WWE nowadays.

    So, shouldn't we be rooting for guys like Dolph Ziggler to lose, so he can languish in mid-card obscurity and not be ruined by the WWE Machine?
  2. I think that's the main point but weird #inception
  3. In the hopes that they will build enough momentum so that when vince dies they get booked well
  4. Well, even if WWE screws up someone's push to the top, they can always drop back down to the midcard and become a great midcarder. It's worth seeing the effort at least to see some fresh blood in the main event scene.

    As for Punk, I don't think Punk is all that uninteresting. Not the character he was a year ago, but at least Punk is main eventing, which is what everyone wanted to see. His title reign is somewhat stale but I'm still glad to see Punk at the top. Of course, I have my own opinions on Punk's "voice of the voiceless" character from a year ago, but that's another story. As for Ziggler, I think he needs a tweak in his personality or something, because being a Showoff doesn't seem like a main event kind of gimmick in the long run imo.
  5. It even looks like they're trolling. No one said one bad word about Punk when he was jobbing, now many people are sick of him after he got the push we wanted him to get. Watching someone lost on the midcard shuffle has the good point that we may see them in good, long matches on Superstars or something, but that's not where you want your favorite wrestlers to be. And I agree, the gimmicks are really similar and bland. That's something else they should work on.
  6. We want to see people getting pushed because we want to see our favorite wrestlers shine on the big stage. We want them to move ahead. Dolph could be a good baby face but I can see him getting boring. Daniel Bryan needs to stay heel though. We also need some better gimmicks. Longer, better wrestling matches would also be a good thing. All we can do is hope Dolph Ziggler gets into the top spot and doesn't go stale when he gets there.
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