Why do WWE events have a lot of stupid crowd chants ?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by jminter2698, May 12, 2018.

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  1. I don't mind the ones when they say "na na na na hey hey hey goodbye" when a wrestler gets fired or when they leave the company for good, those are actually funny. Or any time they repeat a wrestlers catchphrase when they say it because of its popularity : "If ya smell what The Rock - - and they always say IS COOKING before The Rock could finish or when he says the millions and millions (and the crowd does it back to him) of The Rock's fans etc. Those are what make the shows fun to watch, but I hate the ones that are irrelevant to what's happening in the ring like the CM Punk chants and whenever they shout "What" when a heel wrestler is trying to cut a serious promo, those are very annoying and really distract from what they're trying to say. Or every time you see a wrestler do a knife edged chop to an opponent, the crowd shouts "Woo" even though the wrestler doing it is not Ric Flair. "This is awesome" etc.
  2. Woo I disagree on it's a tribute to Ric Flair. The rest I agree they get old. Also add you deserve it
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  3. I hate more the obnoxious "we are awesome" chant. Also the 'you deserve it' chant is the worst chant ever. So patronising and doesn't even make sense most of the time.

    To answer the question to why there are stupid chants? Probably cuz the people chanting them are stupid.
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    Because the crowds are more focused on making themselves
    be heard rather than on the actual wrestling?

    Because the crowds believe they need to be heard instead of
    having their "real" reactions edited or muted by Kevin Dunn?

    Because the crowds aren't invested in the actual wrestling
    because there are no real reasons to be invested because
    while the wrestling is great...the characters & story being told
    are boring?

    Because the crowds pay their money & can do whatever they

    I don't know...I live in the middle of nowhere in Australia and
    I've never been to a wrestling show...and I don't think I even
    could...but I'm not getting into that.
  5. Yeah but what about when a good story is being told but the fans aren't noticing because they are throwing around a beach ball.

    Also if you are going to go to a wrestling show and not respect the wrestlers by not giving them a chance to perform, then why even bother go to the show?

    But who is anybody to tell people how to watch wrestling. WWE should be better at displaying their product and manipulating the crowds emotions more so that this won't be a problem. Cuz the only party that benefits in any way is WWE 's ticket sales.
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  6. Example?

    I mean the story can't be that good if the
    beach balls are more over than the wrestlers.

    Something to do? The same reason members sign up for
    a wrestling forum and simply "troll" other members?

    If I was in the front row for a RAW show & Roman Reigns
    came out for a match...I would sit down, ignore the match
    and read a book.

    That would be my choice as a paying customer & my way
    of making a statement.


    I think the WWE main roster has forgotten how to make their audience care.

    NXT does a great job...but then...less is more...every minute of every show
    counts for something in NXT...unlike the main roster which simply has too
    much product spread out over too much time.
  7. Well going to see the wrestling is something to do. And being a troll and having fun is understandable. But why is it at such a large scale? and at every show? Because its wrestling fans that are doing this not people who are just showing up for something to do.

    Yeah especially in a climate where it's so hard to get people to care about wrestling. Kayfabe is dead. People don't care anymore, apart from the people who view wrestling differently. WWE do get fans to care in different way from before.
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  8. I don't know...I'm not educated enough to answer the question...

    Perhaps its wrestling fans trying to make the statement of:

    "Give us something to care about!"

    I mean clearly no one cared about Brock/Roman at Wrestlemania 34...
    & fans were leaving early at Backlash...and...I think you know where
    I'm going with this & I'm just going to stop myself because no on needs
    to hear it & I don't feel like discussing the subject.

    So...do people care or not? I'm confused...
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    Most of the time people care and fans want to care. But sometimes fans don't care. Thats ok on Superstars, Main event and the occasional filler match on Raw. But it's happening in the main event.

    People care in a different way they did before. Before fans wanted the babyface to win all the time. Now it more about the right guy has to win. Basically fans are smart and look at wrestling different. Therefore its harder to manipulate their emotions. Fans are interested in how it should happen, instead of just watching it happen
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  10. Well...I would say the WWE has no idea how to book a proper
    babyface anymore & they allow their heels to be too likeable.

    I mean...the crowds have been booing the top "babyface" for 4
    years & a guy who looks like a forest dwelling serial killer got
    over as a babyface somehow...

    The whole main roster is completely backwards as far as the
    heel/face dynamic is concerned.
  11. That is true. But what is a proper babyface? Maybe the heels are babyfaces. Maybe a babyface is just someone who is good at their job. Cuz fans don't watch as they are watching a tv show, they are watching like they want to direct the tv show. So when they see Miz and KO do good heel work, they respect and like it. That's probably why its so hard to manipulate fans emotion nowadays.
  12. I think the way to get a babyface over is to pair/feud them with a truly unlikable heel.

    Gargano & Ciampa are a perfect example of the best kind of face/heel dynamic...
    both are great workers...but Gargano is so likable...and Ciampa such a bastard
    you can't help but want to see Johnny Wrestling kick his teeth in.

    Hell...it looks like the main roster are going to try this very ploy with Roman & Jinder...
    & good luck to them with that.

    Give it a month or two & the crowds will be chanting for Jinder...or at least I hope they do.
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  13. Yes. Heels have always been more interesting than faces. A bland babyface could get over if they are up against a great heel. Just on bases that they want to see the heel get beaten up. I think to have a good face you need a good heel. Batman would not be good without the villains. Batman becomes more and more interesting when he goes up against villains. As we learn more about him.

    Nowadays it's hard to find good heels. So that's maybe why there isn't that many great babyfaces. Ciampa is a great heel. So it can be done.
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  14. I don't think about it in a negative way. People pay the money to go to the event and obviously chanting these things brings them entertainment. Whether they are stupid or not is subjective. Honestly, I love Kurt Angle but one of the most fun moments of my life was Wrestlemania 22, chanting You Suck when he came to the ring.

    Getting lost in the energy of a crowd is not a bad thing.
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  15. Thats part of the show. When people chant irrelevant stuff like 'CM Punk' (even though I have no problem with, people can chant what they want) It doesn't add anything to the show. When I watch wrestling, i'm more likely to be into something when the crowd are into it. So from a perspective of me wanting to enjoy the show, I do want the fans to be into the actual show that I am watching. It just makes me like the show better. But you can't get everything that you want. So that to me is negative as its a detriment to the overall quality of the show. But maybe the show isn't good in the first place.
  16. I disagree. The CM Punk chant adds a lot to to the show. It is clearly a method that fans use, whether they are CM Punk fans or not, to antagonize the McMahons and it works. It's the fans method of telling the McMahons they are displeased with the product.
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  17. By add to the show, I suppose i mean it doesn't relate to what the performers are trying to convey. Fans disinterest and disapproval of what they are seeing does impact the show, you are right. But personally whenever something like it happens I don't really want to waste my time watching something that the fans think is shit.
  18. I'd rather the fans use beach balls instead of chanting
    for someone who doesn't even wrestle anymore.

    Just my personal opinion.
  19. I'll concede that is a good point.
  20. And I am sure WWE would prefer there are no beach balls nor CM Punk chants. But if I pay my money, either is valid if I am in the audience
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