Why do you limit yourself to certain companies?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 17, 2013.

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  1. I'll probably balls this up but still what stops you watching other wrestling styles? Pick which ever bracket you're in and answer the question.

    If you only watch Raw, why don't you watch Smackdown or NXT?

    If you only watch WWE, why don't you try TNA?

    If you want TNA and WWE only why don't you watch ROH or other American indies?

    If you only watch American shows, what stops you branching off into Japan?

    I've never really understood why people limit themself so much to a certain wrestling product in all honesty, so yeah discuss
  2. I only watch TNA because WWE stopped being enjoyable for me long ago. Simple as that.
  3. It always takes a couple of months watching a promotion for me to actually start caring about anybody in it really, and I guess I just can't be bothered with that. In the summer I'll probably try get involved with whatever the hottest indie is at the time. Besides, at the moment Raw, PPVs + TNA are sufficient for me.
  4. I watch Raw, NXT, and Impact. Don't watch Smackdown since there's no point.

    Don't watch ROH since when I tried it it didn't entertain me, and haven't really bothered looking for the indy shows, feel like this is enough for me.
  5. Exactly the same.

    I watch SmackDown sometimes online if I've heard parts of it are good, but I never sit through the whole show. There is no point. I'm into gimmicks and storylines, and I feel the indies are more into raw wrestling ability which doesn't entertain me. I know that's a stereotype as there are good stories out there, but would it warrant watching the whole show?
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  6. I've always watched raw an smackdown. However , at this moment , I just read the spoilers and watch whatever I find interesting (SD!) I've been watching TNA for 3 weeks cuz I found like if I need a TV14 on my screen.
    I don't have time for ROH Japan or indies . That's too much
  7. If you want TNA and WWE only why don't you watch ROH or other American indies?

    I watched ROH from the time it became available on my television to the time I got my apartment and no longer had DirecTV.

    I haven't bothered to follow since because, quite frankly, the product was not very good.

    I don't bother with other American Indies because the low production values turn me off, as superficial as it sounds.

    I don't branch out to other countries wrestling scenes because the material is more of a chore to come up with compared to easily finding streams of TNA/WWE. And call me old fashioned, but I prefer my wrestlers speaking English.
  8. Need to add that I find hard to start watching a new company product because I like to know the history and the guys.
    For example , it's not the same to start watching WWE today with the streak HHHvs Brock and so on than someone who started watching wrestling 15 years ago... I even feel kinda weird when you guys talk about NWO cuz I didn't watched that . So yeah I find hard to watch a new company
  9. I'm not anywhere near the passionate wrestling fan that I used to be, so I can't be bothered investing anytime into anyone but WWE nowadays. I invest in them because I at least know that there will always be something they do that's enjoyable, hence why they've been around so long.

    I always was a bigger fan of them than anyone else anyway because I personally feel most of the best feuds and promos and matches have happened under the WWE banner. I also like a combination of gimmicks/storylines with a great in-ring product (like others) and they provide that. I don't like a raw wrestling product like ROH. I even tried watching Survivor Series 1988 not long ago (which was much more of just long match after long match after long match than what you see today) and I found it incredibly boring after a few matches. The WWF product could beat you over the head with sometimes nothing but matches and not much else back then in the 80's, too. Just look at some of their cards before the first Wrestlemania, like The Brawl To End It All and The War To Settle The Score and their monthly MGS cards.

    I tried to get into TNA by watching a few episodes of Impact, but there was little that interested me. I'm also very hesitant to spend any time investing into a non-WWE product after the way WCW let me down back in the day. To summarize, they went from being the show that got me hooked to wrestling in the first place to being just two and a half years later the show I wished would die out already just so it would be put out of it's misery. With WWE, they have a rich history and I know they're gonna be around for a long, long time (as long as Vince is alive surely, the future after that is still uncertain.)

    Another thing is that there's only so much time in the day. I like to do other things other than just watch wrestling lol. I spend so much of my time as it is just re-watching old WWF/E and WCW stuff to refresh my memory of things long forgotten over the years that I don't really have the time to dedicate myself to investing deeply into other wrestling products.

    Another thing, and some may consider this condescending, but while I can enjoy things (movies, TV shows, video games, etc.) that are not among the most popular, I find it hard to get into a wrestling product that has such a limited number of people there in attendance. Not to mention the cheap looking production value. It just makes it look too small time for me personally. (It doesn't have to look too "Hollywood" like the way all the WWE shows do now either, of course.)
  10. I don't watch TNA as i find the whole Aces "N" eights angle boring,Hardy was champion,Hulk being there and just the overall show to be tedious.
    I do watch ROH/Indys and puro though.
  11. I watch every single show, but I don't watch japanese wrestling because I can't find the time to do it... I watch WWE, TNA, ROH, AAA and CMLL
  12. :obama: been looking for someone else who dabbles in Lucha, what did you think to Terrible vs Rush?
  13. It's in my top ten of the best wrestling matches I've ever seen, it was great IMO
  14. What are the other 9? Curious now :dawg:
  15. Well, the others are:
    • Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy (not because of it was really good if not because I love both wrestlers)
    • Aces and Eights vs Team TNA

    And more, the truth I have some doubts because I've got now too much matches in my head like the HBK vs Undertaker at WM 26
  16. I watch RAW and SD sometimes NXT but without having Sky thats a lot of downloading or streaming straight away. Starting to watch TNA but it all depends on my work schedule and time. If I had more I feel like I probs would give more indies ago especially a Japanese promotion with lots of high flying for the spot monkey in me.
  17. I just don't have enough time to keep up with everything like I did when I was a teenager.
  18. Time Constraints. I watch them when I have the time aka bored.
    Also, SmackDown really isn't what it was 4 years ago.
  19. I try to watch as much as possible but due to time constraints I only watch WWE and impact weekly. Then when I have the time, say a weekend or so with nothing planned I sit down and watch ROH, PWG, DGUSA, Evolve, NJPW and so forth. I work it into my "schedule" so I get as much out of it as possible without becoming a total recluse.
  20. I only watch WWE because that's what I grew up on. Ever since I was three that's what I've been watching and it's what's most familiar to me. I occasionally watch other products, but it's not something that I feel is worth investing my time in, since I already do that for WWE, it'd be overkill. I wouldn't say limit, I would instead say I have a preference over the others, because if there is something worth watching, like TNA's last BFG, I'll watch.
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