Why do you love WWE?

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  1. We all moan about WWE, we all say how it can improve, we all would change things but we watch it every single week. Let's get some positivity going.

    I love WWE due to the unexpected story-lines that often occur, the feuds, the drama. I'm a fan of mic skills, entertainment and awesome wrestling ability. I find it easy to turn into a mark and enjoy a feud (if it's good) and completely forget it's scripted.
  2. I don't love the WWE per say I love professional wrestling due to the drama of it, shit like good vs evil still works better than what people give it credit for. Plus we see stuff no other sport can offer, the crazy spots, the cartoonish promos and the larger than life characters.
  3. Love is such a strong word. Use like.

    I don't know why I still watch it. Just a long time Wrestling fan?
  4. We know you love it. :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. The same reason you changed your username... I don't know yo!
  6. Yes, during the AE, RIW, Bischoff GM.
  7. These two put it best. Plus, we all come here to chat with each other and talk about wrestling. We love talking about/bitching about the product, and what would we all be doing here if we weren't watching the shows?

    I said I'd stop watching Raw and Smackdown 2 weeks ago since the product has gotten so bad, but chatting with you guys keeps bringing me back. So, from the bottom of my heart, SCREW YOU ALL! #randomheelturn
  8. I watch for those iconic moments that you never expect. Shoots, returns, well executed and lengthy WRESTLING matches. I don't normally watch every match on the weekly shows though, just skim through to the winner. The only matches I attentively watch play-by-play are probably PPVs, and even some of those (divas and some mid card) I don't pay attention to. Been a fan for a while now though and I have to say I'm hooked.
  9. 2 weeks ago or 2 years ago?
  10. Because its still real to me dammit!!! #kayfabe
  11. I watch it because of CM Punk...


    I stopped watching in like 2006, found TNA on Spike in early 2011 & decided to catch an episode of WWE. It was the night that Punk cut that promo.
  12. Best luck ever.
  13. I been watching it since I was 6 year old and I am 20 now!
  14. 2 weeks. When Smackdown went from "bad stretch of shows" to "trend of dreadful shows".
  15. I don't love WWE. I'm a creature of habit, and one of those habits happens to be tuning in to weekly wrestling programs.
  16. I feel like it has been like that for the last 2+ years.
  17. Can't argue that, Big Hoss Rambler. Can't say much good about the PG era, but usually one of the brands is interesting.

    2009 gave us a really good Smackdown brand and a catastrophe of a Raw brand. 2010 gave us some interesting SD storylines and the Nexus to keep us interested. Early 2011 sucked pretty hard, but the Summer of Punk on Raw and the post-Michael Hayes era on Smackdown were pretty good last year. 2012 so far has been a complete trainwreck.
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  18. Pretty much because wrestling (and WWE generally) takes me back to my youth and once I can suspend my disbelief then I usually enjoy it. I've watched a lot of wrestling companies and whilst those like ROH, PWG and others have great wrestling, they lack a lot of the storylines and obviously lack all the big show feel due to finances etc.

    I've had a lot of struggles with depression and things in my life and unfortunately for one reason or another, I seem to deal with a lot of negativity generally. WWE allows me to block all that out and sit back and have fun when I can turn things off and stop myself getting into smark mode (I don't enjoy WWE then and have stopped watching many times when I get that head on) if I can, it allows me to have fun and remember a time when things were much easier.

    On the whole I watch both TNA and WWE nowadays but WWE has all the shine and sparkle from having more money and status. Also what I love about WWE is the way it's changed again from the days of having the huge heavyweights as champions. To see CM Punk and Bryan Danielson heading into a Wrestlemania payday as the two world champions is awesome. I also have high hopes to see people like Claudio, Chris Hero, Tyler Black and more head up from FCW in the near future.

    WWE does a lot of silly stuff, but when they hit the mark they really knock it out of the park. I'd advise anyone that's my age or in adulthood to try and sit back, have fun and don't armchair book everything, it makes it much better.
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  19. Yes, this exactly. Liked!
  20. Really good post man. Liked.
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