Why do you watch independent wrestling?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. We have this thread in the WWE section but of course about why you watch WWE. So let's discuss why you watch other wrestling promotions. What draws you to them? They don't have the production value and often not the roster depth that WWE or TNA has, so why watch them then?

    It will be interesting to see your reasons :obama:

    I'll post my reasons once we have some replies.
  2. To seem intelligent on forums, it's my dream to one day be an E-Genius.
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  3. For the simple fact that most time independents have much better wrestling than the WWE in particular. Usually the guys are younger and hungrier than the tops stars in WWE and work their rear ends off to showcase themselves.
  4. It's fun, it's why I love PWG so much. The guys are enjoying it, in WWE half of the matches look they're throwing the guys out there by default.
  5. PWG - I love just about everything about the company, from Excalibur and announce team as a whole, the fucking awesome Reseda crowd and the whole schtick that goes with that super cool California stuff/wrestling. They're simply cool to watch.

    CZW - Masada and cruiserweight wrestlers are the main reasons.

    ROH and Gabe's company's I simply don't watch. I follow what's happening, but I rarely watch.
  6. The first too, I totally agree, but I watch ROH too because I loved it in the past, it was amazing imo, it had a lot of good wrestlers and I hope someday it'll happen again
  7. simply because It's fun!
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  8. I hardly do nowadays, but the matches are usually much more exciting than WWE. So basically what MIzfit said.
  9. Matches are better and don't follow that bland wwe formula of punch,kick,rest hold, finisher. You see a lot more different moves as well. Feuds also seem to be handled better imo they seem more real unlike wwes cannot comment on TNA as i don't watch it.

    Also its not so heavily promo based as i just want action.
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