Why do YOU watch WWE?

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  1. Figured this could be an interesting topic.

    WWE isn't everybody's cup of tea when it comes to wrestling but it is easily the most watched product. Even when people hate on it they still tune in to watch every week. With today's modern media we have such easy access to all different kinds of promotions at the click of a button, yet some of the haters stay with WWE.

    So here's my question. What makes YOU watch WWE? Is there any factor in particular? A certain wrestler or such.

    Personally I watch wrestling of all kinds almost. I watch WWE, TNA, ROH (PPVs), Dragon Gate USA, Evolve, Pro Wrestling Guerilla, various European promotions (mostly matches here and there), New Japan and Dragon Gate from Japan. I love wrestling as a whole and feel that by watching various promotions I can taste from different sides of the buffee. WWE is my home promotion of sorts, the first I watched and I do enjoy the production values. But it is not without it's faults (there are many). But I don't mind them as much since if I am disappointed I can always pop in a DGUSA DVD to get my fill of good matches. And when WWE does something good I can sit there content.

    Why do you watch WWE?

  2. I've watched WWE since I was 3 years old and have been hooked ever since. It goes in cycles, it sucks for a while, then is awesome for a while. It's been shitty for quite a while now, but it's only a matter of time before it comes back around. I'm like an abused person in a relationship. Even though I keep getting kicked around I always come back, hoping things will revert back to a better time.
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  3. I rarely do. Only when it's gonna be a good episode. Like the RAW after Mania.
  4. Because compared to all the reality tv garbage, endless repeats of various tv shows it even at its worst is better than them. Personally also Punk, Bryan and Ziggler keep me hooked. The Shield now also and obvs Generico when he debuts.
  5. Good thread Stop, and yes you're still Stop.

    Raw: As with many smart-marks, it's as easy to drag us back into the product as it is to take us out. Everyone who said "Fuck this company! SAME OLD SHIT I'M NEVER WATCHING AGAIN" after Wrestlemania were right there the next night popping with the rest of us when Ziggler won the world championship, talked up how much they loved the show and talked up how the crowd would start a new golden era... then we went back to complaining next week. Who knows, something could happen next week to get us talking again (WWE's by far the best at that) and there's a chance, no matter how small, that Cesaro will find himself in the world title feud for all we know... (For SMS and NXT it's just good TV)

    Obligatory "goofing off in the discussion thread" comment, and because I like you guys here on the site. It's a wonderful escape (that I can't escape) from my idiot IRL friends who beat each other with sticks in Wal-Mart parking lots. With wrestling in general once you're hooked it's really hard to let go since there's really nothing like it especially if you're into the booking. It's not like just turning off an NFL game and turning on basketball.

    Certainly plan on giving DGUSA a chance here soon, it looks/sounds phenomenal. Planning on taking a few months off WWE but like most of us I'll probably be here Monday :haha:
  6. Tbh i have been watching wwe less and less frequently and mainly watch because of Bryan. I agree and am guilty of this myself at times of shitting on the product and then watching it again.

    Its kind of just out of curiosity that i watch again at times,wondering if things have stayed the same or changed.
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  7. Besides the reasons I started watching wrestling, I honestly watch WWE in 2013, at this point, for Dolph Ziggler. Outside of ZIggler there might be others that i enjoy or begin to like, but honestly I can say if DZ weren't around i wouldn't be watching WWE currently as the product stands. He's that damn good
  8. The production values, they can make something shit seem great for a moment. As much as I love TNA it's what they're lacking to big time.
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  9. CM PUNK! And when Undertaker is around.
  10. WWE is the only wrestling company that's been able to hold my attention for any lengthy period of time. They've had their bad times too (namely 1995) but there's usually at least as many positives or more to outweigh or counterbalance the negatives. People always say how other companies have a better in-ring product, but I find it funny that when these same people make a list of their favorite wrestling matches of all time, the majority of them are still WWE matches.

    Plus, there's only so much time in the day. I have other hobbies other than pro wrestling, and I can't imagine how much time I'd have to spend catching up or keeping up with ALL these other wrestling companies in relation to the time I want to spend also doing other things. Hell, I spend most of my wrestling time as it is watching shows and PPVs from the old school days of the WWF (and occasionally, NWA/WCW.)

    If it means anything, it was actually WCW that got me hooked to wrestling in the first place.
  11. This for me. As much as you get great moments in TNA, they could just never make anything feel as big as that Dolph cash in for example.

    But yeah, pretty much what Senhor said. The only time I've considered taking a break since rewatching is during the god awful end of may - start of July period last year, but even then there was still shit like Raw 1000 coming up to keep me interested.
  12. Thanks for the agreement babes <3
  13. Production values is part of my love for WWE too, and it's also why I don't care for things like the Indies or those old cards WWE used to put out around the mid 80's or before (like the monthly MSG cards right after Hulkamania took off.)

    However, I think it works against them sometimes, at least for me. I happen to think the big Raw stage is too colorful and "out there." I wish they would tone it down a bit because the stage looks just like a PPV stage and I think toning it down would make the stage and gigantic titantron stand out more for PPVs. Similar to the way Wrestlemania being in stadiums makes it look like a bigger deal.
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  14. I don't watch. :awyeah:
  15. Because it's pretty entertaining to me. I did watch it when I was young, but then I took about a few years break and caught back up on 2006. I did catch up on what I missed though through Youtube and whatnot. In all honesty there's not much on TV anymore that keeps me entertained. So I turn to wrestling most of the time, WWE and TNA, and sometimes even ROH and other indie wrestling. Just the sport attracts me as well I suppose.
  16. Well, it was the first one I started watching and I'm sort of a mark, plus I tend not to try new things a lot and stick with what I already do/have.
  17. I watch WWE because I expect to see the starting of a new Raw is War or something similar but the only thing I see is crap
  18. if you'd ask me before i'd say ''simply because it's entertaining and does have great moments like the undertaker returning when rock and hhh were havibg a match''.................now? ''because of punk''
  19. I only watch the PPV's and I guess there are two main reasons for that. For starters, about two months ago I outright decided I was going to watch every PPV so I can do a ranking of the best PPV matches of the year along with the best PPV's of the year. And honestly, I can get a good level of enjoyment out of that, ranking stuff is fun even if it means I have to sit through a ton of crap to get to the end result. The second big reason is I do like the community on here and I do like discussion and debating wrestling (obviously, why else would I join). I don't really have the passion for the business I use to (that's not to say I can't still enjoy it when it's good though) and watching PPV's is kind of the easiest way I can contribute on here without personally subjecting myself to WWE's terrible booking (well, not all of it).
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  20. b/c it were big dogs play! :lol1:
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