Why does a lot of WWEFORUM members dislike The Miz?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by THEWWEMARK, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Title. Seems like a lot of you guys hate Mike Mizanian, discuss below.
  2. I love the dude, and so does @[seabs]... However, I hate Miz as a Jobber.. It makes him look like a poor wrestler because Vince don't know how to use the talent at all. Instead, he'd rather run the superstars that have the most potential, right down into the ground. Kind of like what he is doing to the Miz.
  3. I like miz a lot. His path to WWE is very inspirational. It shows that if you have a burning passion to become what you want to be than you can become who you want to be.
  4. Miz needs to go down a notch right now. Feud with Swagger or something, he needs to reestablish what he is right now.
  5. You would be the one to say Miz needs to feud with swagger lol. Miz has already established himself when he was WWE Champion for quite a while... Then, for some reason, WWE depushed Miz heavily for some reason, which I think was a big mistake.
  6. Because the guy is downright boring in the ring and at the mic.
    Good to see WWECreative agreeing with me.
  7. #Mizhater
  8. Creative doesn't agree with you since he's not dropped down to the mid-card, he still gets regular mic time and matches weekly. He just has nothing to do until Wrestlemania is over where his inevitable feud with Punk will occur.

    As you can tell by my sig I'm a Miz fan, always have and always will. He's ion the top 5 mic workers in the company, has improved drastically in the ring and proves his haters wrong every week.
  9. Everything u just mentioned are all wrong :lol1:
    He has been buried over and over in the last two months.
  10. Miz can't get buried, he's too good. He's not in the mid-card, he's still a lower-main eventer. Do you even watch RAW? Sometimes I think you're busy watching my little pony.
  11. I despise you.
  12. Miz really is a poor worker tbh and has a very limited moveset.Even his mic skills which were his strongest area have lacked any edge in theses last few months.Miz really is in a dire state of affairs at the moment with his jobbing status.If the miz is to ever get back to the success he was then he needs to improve in the ring and needs to tell a better story.
  13. Yo Bicth! I love The Miz! We go way back holmes, yo! Bitch!
  14. He reminds me of this Nevel Pepperman guy..
    Dunno how, but the face expressions..
  15. He's average, I wouldn't say he's poor like Mason Ryan. His mic wrok did lack flair recently but so did CM Punk? In fact I've found every mic segment from The Miz more entertaining than CM Punk for months now apart from last week where Punk finally stepped up to the plate delivering a similar style promo than he did in the summer.

    But watch Miz' promo from last week before the squash match with Cena, you can't say that's not good. The crowd react to him more than any other heel and have done now for over a year, he must be doing something right.
  16. To those calling Miz bad, how many times has he botched in the previous year? He botched on Truth with the dive but I can't think of many other times. As Crayo says he's average. Sure he may not set the world a light in ring but he's passable for the WWE.
  17. punk for me has been better then miz on the stick for the past few months.Punk can have his off days but miz for me seems out of his depth at times.I thought miz was good
    on the raw before the chamber when they had that debate.as for his ring work he does a couple of neckbreaker variations,ddt,and his finisher.His match at maina with cena was awful and he did nothing in the chamber to stand out. His matches for me are just meh.The only matches that were really good were his ones agaisnt Bryan and the one where he fought rey in the final of the tournament to decide a new wwe champ
  18. Punk has been making rubbish jokes though for the past few months, he's had a few good promos like when he ranted at Ace. Before that it was him being sick in the ring, underwear jokes (which were funny at first), no serious edge. One thing I like about Miz is that he's serious and puts some real enthusiasm into it.

    Miz' promo last week:

    Skip to 1:34. I think it was completely under looked because of how well Punk, Jericho and Cena done that night on the mic. What's your opinion on this promo?
  19. Good promo but for me punk has been better on the mic.Not saying punk is perfect because he is not he does say some unfunny things but he redeems him self by then saying something funny.Miz on the other hand has not made me laugh like he did when he was wwe champ or when he was in Awesome truth but at the end of the day its a matter of opinion.Miz needs to raise his game or he will get left behind.Take Bryan people thought his mic skills were crap and that he did not have an engaging character but since winning the title he has worked hard to prove doubters wrong.
  20. True, but one other, HHH's pedigree, he botched it too. Not a pretty landing..
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