Why does ADR struggle to get reactions?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Mar 19, 2013.

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    This won't be a popular thread I don't think.

    Alberto Del Rio has one of the greatest looks in wrestling, he is fantastic in the ring, he has wrestling blood in his family, he received one of the biggest pushes in history, but he simply can not get the crowd to be interested in him it seems. He's not even bad on the mic for someone who's native language isn't English. So why?

    As a heel it was embarrassing. He was handed so much success, but no one seemingly wanted to make noise for him, and thus it always ended in the same way. All of us blamed his gimmick -- which was admittedly awful -- and that a face turn would do wonders for his career. Fast-track to his face turn, and things are looking great. The normal reaction that occurs after face turns come into flow (good reactions), and he was in cities that favoured him, but it didn't last long.

    Now WWE actually ask the crowd to chant "Riooooooooooooo" with Ricardo Rodriguez during the entrance when RAW is airing commercials, and that's never a good sign. After that entrance bit, the crowd are going silent, and I don't know why. They do the same for Sheamus, but not for Cena/Orton/Jericho or Rock. I suppose those are much bigger names with more history, but surely the hear and now is what is important? Why can't ADR get over? What is he doing wrong if anything? I'm thoroughly entertained by him most of the time, and I know a lot more people on here are too, but why is it only a minority of the IWC that appreciate him?

  2. Stumps me as well that one. Cant for the life of me see why he isnt popular.
  3. He gets the si chant going pretty good. The crowds recently haven't been great though.
  4. I perceived that he was getting more backing due to the face change. Personally I think he makes a great face and I'm enjoying his current character change. I think it suits him better than the heel gimmick he had in the past.
  5. He's not very charismatic, like most of the current roster...
  6. I agree. I think ADR was better as a heel though, except he needs to shut up with his "Destiny!" thing. I can't say why he's not getting reaction though.
  7. He isn't charismatic on the mic, which makes him less appealing to the current audience. As hard as he tries, and you know he tries as hard as he can, but he isn't able to take the crowd with him.
  8. He was in the post-turn phase, but now he doesn't get anything. I prefer his face character too, and I'm just baffled as to why he can't seemingly get backing from the crowd as a heel or a face.
  9. Think it all comes down to the Zeb angle not really drawing heat and ADR not really doing much as a part of it. He's just going out and squashing random guys mostly.

    Hopefully they get it right at ER or Summerslam and ADR faces Mark Henry. If he can't get over after feuding with WSM, what will?
  10. As said, it's probably the current angle more than anything, although even considering, Ricardo Rodriguez seems more loved than Del Rio does. There's probably an unwritten rule somewhere (or perhaps it's just common sense) that says your manager is supposed to be used to get you more sympathy or heat, but if they actually become more beloved or despised than you, it's kind of a problem. That's why this Del Rio/Swagger feud is pretty bad - their managers are more over than they are. The biggest heat Swagger has gotten so far was attacking Ricardo Rodriguez. (Same applies to Big Show earlier this year.)
  11. I'm not real sure either. Maybe they don't buy into his work on the mic as much as they should.
  12. What is his character? I haven't watched much recently but as far as I can tell it's a Mexican rich guy who fights for the american dream
    Why is he hating swagger? Well Jack hates immigrants, well Zeb says he does Jack just nods.
    Why should I care? Urmmm I shouldn't care about ADR winning or Jack losing because neither of these guys I hate I want to see Zeb get dropped not Jack.
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  13. I thought he was getting good reactions as a face until recently. I blame Swagger :adr:
  14. RR being apparently more liked could be part of it, but yeah the angle could be the problem. I enjoy it but it's getting repetitive. Plus, I'm pretty sure that if they built him well instead of giving him a big push off the bat he'd be over by now.
  15. The problem with a lot of the current roster is that they're just not very charismatic, they just don't have that "Superstar" feel. Even if they have the look, decent mic skills, decent wrestling skills, etc.. all that isn't going to matter when you can't captivate the crowd.
  16. Been thinking about this one all day, lets start from the top:

    -Character: His heel character was was a despicable douchebag rich guy, who was "destined" to make it instead of worked for it. It didn't really work in large part because it was hastily thrown together... At first his face character was catching on because Big Show was beating down Ricardo, and ADR seemed to geniunely care about his friend. But you take away that, and what is his character? A guy with a bucket who stole Bryan's catchphrase, and wants us to love him because he's Mexican. Sorry, doesn't work that way champ.

    -The turn: Come on, he turned face on 3MB seemingly out of nowhere... can't they do a better job than that? Couldn't they turn him gradually, let him see the error of his ways and become a more charitable fellow who accepts the fans, instead of just doing a complete 180 on his personality overnight because a bunch of band geeks insulted the Spanish Announce team?

    -Feuds: Love 'em or hate 'em, Big Show knows how to get guys over. He was doing great heel work and the fans saw him not only as a viable threat to the title, but as the favorite to win it. Then Jack Swagger, who was jobbing to Santino the last time he was on TV, showed up. When you hear "Jack Swagger", you think of "the biggest joke champion in WWE History" or "Career jobber" more than "elite ring worker". The work Zeb's been doing has been good, but is the heat really transitioning onto Swagger?

    -Overbooking: With his face turn, he went from "the main-event heel who can't win a match" to "the champion who can't lose. If there's anything we've learned in WWE lately, it's that superbooking doesn't fucking work.

    -Talent. He's definitely got the talent to get over in the ring, but he needs a new "climax" finisher. His moonsault was working fine, not sure why they have to go back to the Armbar of Death. He seems like a geniunely nice guy, but why they keep giving him the mic is beyond me. He can't talk.
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  17. I think many people are like me and just straight up don't find him entertaining. He says the same shit over and over and over. Before it was destiny blah blah blah. His old gimmick was a rip off of JBL. Ricardo is pretty much the most interesting thing about del rio now, and he basically has to blow the crowd to start chanting during matches. Probably one of the most over rated wwe superstars i've ever seen.
  18. Agree on pretty much everything. And nice point on the finisher, it just doesn't feel like a face's finisher.
  19. Fantastic post Rain.
  20. I still don't get how the 'superbooking' is much of a problem, at least one with a handy solution. He's only been world champion for a couple of months, and what is a world champion supposed to do, lose? Champs are supposed to look strong and unbeatable.
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