Why does Ambrose have the title?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by RoyalRaven, Dec 11, 2013.

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  1. I mean does he really need it, I mean surely he could split from The Shield without the title and lets face it, his reign has been nothing short of boring. He's already in Main events and on TV, Why not give it to someone like Woods or Ryder or any one of 3MB.
  2. Its pointless atm as he is always involved in the top tier matches or the ME. He should just drop so someone new and up and coming can end up with it who will actually defend it.
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  3. Because.....................he's American!
  4. One thing I never understood is why the "Real Americans" don't go after the US Championship.
  5. My guess would be he and Reigns will feud for it shortly.
  6. He's US Champ. This is what they do. Nothing.
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  7. Like Murrica, but with less bombs.
  8. I wish America did nothing. Would be a step in the right direction.
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  9. But then what would happen with tax money? surely nothing stupid like improvement of the education system..
    *sorry, let's get thread back on track*
  10. Tax money? Oh you mean the money we are forced to pay even if we don't approve of the government bailouts and world policing that it funds. That money.
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  11. Same everywhere brother. We're getting 1% pay rises whilst MP's are currently giving themselves 11% for running the country into the ground.
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  12. Who cares it'd be just as pointless and worthless on anyone too
  13. HA! Will you be my bff?
  14. Offer retracted.
  15. I was going to ask Britanica to be my bff anyway, so whatevs..
  16. Awww talking to yourself mate?
  17. Lol seems so! I'm on sick leave and my meds aren't currently letting me sleep so I've be abusing this forum...
    If I've stepped on any toes (which I feel I may have) let me know, because that was never my intention
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  18. Have you heck stepped on any toes fella. We all wind each other up here its the norm and we certainly all post random stuff at times.
  19. I would just think they gave Ambrose the title so The Shield would seem dominate as a stable having both tag titles and a singles title. Then after awhile I'm sure the creative team just kinda left it alone and had no real major feud or idea to put Ambrose in to defend/lose it.
  20. I already demanded that position, get in line son.

    Who cares about the US title? That is the belt they should be dropping.
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