Why does everyone love Goldberg?

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  1. What is this deal with Goldberg? All I ever hear is how amazing Goldberg and it over looks how great some of the old talent was back then guys like Jericho, Benoit, Eddie, Mysterio, DDP, Curt Hennig and Dean Malenko but all anyone talks about is Goldberg!

    Goldberg had the longest streak in history and was trained at the WCW Power Plant and has had some of the worst matches in history, The man couldnt wrestle he would hit a few big moves and win and this led him to the top, The man didnt care about wrestling and had no love for what he was doing, DDP, Jericho etc worked hard to get to where they were and Goldberg over shadowed them.

    I think its ridiculous that people think Goldberg is even a decent wrestler.
  2. It factor, the guy was so limited but had such a great aura.
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  3. He had a 173 winning steak.
  4. Which was given to him, He didnt do shit to earn it.
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  5. Goldberg was the definition of IT factor. When he stepped out people payed attention due to his presence. That combined with being debuted the right way at the right time equaled success.
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  6. He was cool, he was a badass, he had that IT factor, he was a badass and he drew money! He may not be the the most talented "wrestler" but that doesn't really matter when he draws money!
  7. You know this same thing could be said about all the top guys? Why did people love Hulk Hogan. All he did was rip his shirt, throw terrible punches, hulk up, hit a leg drop and then pose after the match. Why did people love Steve Austin. All he did was kick and punch, maybe a Lou Thesz press and then a Stone Cold Stunner. The Rock did his own traditional moves before hitting the Rock Bottom or the People's Elbow.

    All these guys have the IT factor that draws people to them. Unlike Goldberg, they also had incredible mic skills to go along with their charisma, where as Bill Goldberg simply had the look and the aura. But he also had it possibly more so than any other wrestler that's ever debuted and gotten THAT over that quickly. He also came in when the company was red hot, which was only to his benefit. And people love undefeated streaks, just look at Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak or how much people are drawn to winning streaks in real life sports.

    In short, he was in the right place at the right time (the same can easily be said about the holy trinity of Hogan/Austin/Rock) and had the perfect combination of look, aura, entrance, theme music and a good enough set of moves in the ring (including an awesome finishing duo of a vicious spear and then a jackhammer that people loved) that, combined with an undefeated streak, shot him straight to the top. He was even on Austin levels in 1998 but of course leave it to WCW to screw it all up in the end.

    (I say all of this as someone who was only a moderate fan of Goldberg at best.)
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  8. I was a kid when goldberg was in the middle of that streak. The dude was unbeatable! I Tuned in to nitro over raw JUST to see HIM win. When he got tazzed and lost the title, a part of me died.
  9. Yup he had that "It factor", when he walked down the ramp you just knew it was a big deal. Not all that great in the ring, but he made up for it with his intensity and aggression. I'm surprised he never killed anyone. Also dat spear!
  10. That kind of stuff was amazing
  11. He's the definition of "Larger than life.

  12. I fucking loved his facial expressions.
  13. LOL vertical suplex stall with the big show. Ryback on paul heyman. :sad:
  14. Ryback's a chump.
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  15. He sort of had the look and his streak was believable, growing up watching him i was never a fan as his matches but that was never the point. He was built as a unstoppable force, a one off and it was a good way of gaining viewers.

    i do like his match with regal where regal refused to look weak and gave Goldberg a proper wresting match and Regal got fired for it lol.
  16. It is due to how he was booked and used in WCW. Goldberg is essentially the only guy WCW made, as they used established stars from WWF. They booked him to be a monster, he would come out spit fire, kick ass and leave with out saying a word, this at the time drew people in, he was a big hit with the fans because he was a tank who kicked ass.

    When WCW was bought Goldberg had to sit out until his contract with TNT was up. WWE purchased Goldberg for roughly a year and practically did the same thing, so WCW fans joined the WWE product and the WWE Fans who didn't have Goldberg could now join the bandwagon. That is why Goldberg is so praised by the fans, because he was the guy who faced the NWO in WCW, the only star really made in WCW.
  17. All about his look and the IT factor no idea what it is but Goldberg had it. Plus right place, right time, great fans.
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  18. Lol, Heyman sandbagging like a champ :lol1:
  19. Because Goldberg is one of the best people on the mic, he was one of the most technical, and one of the best sellers. His diverse moveset set him far apart from the likes of Jericho, Benoit, Sting, Scott Hall, or just anybody in WCW at the time, and possibly even WWF. He always trained and had a passion for wrestling, one that can't be measured. His mic skills were tremendous. Everytime he spoke he just spoke from the heart, you could believe every single thing he said. He spoke so much quotable stuff, that it's just to hard to remember most of it, the only quote that pops into my head right now is, "you're next!"

    Goldberg was one of those people who could bump and sell like a pro too. Everytime he would get hit, you would jump up because he just sold it like a 5 star fisherman catching a catfish. One of the things people seem to forget is how many people he put over. HHH and Nash. These two really needed the push in their career. Nash was a former world champion, but he needed this reign and to end the streak because Goldberg offered it to him. HHH needed it as well to start his first and only world championship reign.

    As you see, Goldberg was a tremendous man, a legend, some might even call him God. He was generous, technical, vocal, and of course, one who put people over. I'm glad his legacy will never be ruined by TFA, because Goldberg's talent would be wasted there. I hope you understand the man they call Goldberg now.
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