Spoiler Why does Rusev hate black people?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by MRJM, May 13, 2014.

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  1. I put the spoiler in case someone hasn't seen RAW. I thought we were going to see Rusev destroy a white guy with Duggan in the ring, but out came another black guy. R-Truth, Xavier, Big E (Carlton Banks) - who will be next, Mark Henry?
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  2. Because have you ever seen a black Russian? Exactly. Nope.
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  3. I have...

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  4. photoshopped
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  5. Because most of the African American wrestlers are at the moment without direction, and thus can be sacrificed for Vince's/Hunter's latest project.
    Why they ain't pushing any of them I don't know and is a completely different question all together.
  6. Because they all suck probably
  7. He beat Ryder on his Debut....remember?
  8. I drank a Black Russian once.

    Strangely, I didn't like it as much as I like White Russians.

    Does that make me racist?

  9. No, racism doesn't work like that. You have to like and be proud of the white one to be racist. Silly people
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  10. He's just making his way up the ladder..

    He started on the bottom rung.. Zack Ryder, moved up a couple rungs... Sin Cara, moved up just a couple more rungs.. R-Truth and Xavier Woods, then got to the bottom middle part of the ladder.. Kofi Kingston, now he's reached the middle of the ladder... Big E.
  11. Did he not also beat sin cara as well?
  12. lol read the post above yours =)
  13. Maybe he will start beating up Asians next Tatsu and KENTA.
  14. He might even beat Jackie Chan!!
  15. I disapprove this thread
  16. Normally I'd say Darren Young before Titus O'Neil and then T. O'Neil before BIg E, but then I ask who's at the top of the ladder; Mark Henry? Mark Henry on top of a ladder hehe funny mental picture.
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  17. *at the top of the ladder* :henry: THAT'S WHAT I DO!!!
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  18. Because he's racist

    and it's just coincidence. A funny one at that. I think WWE may have read the comments and carried it on for lolz with E.
  19. They didn't let him in their treehouse.
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