Religion Why does the Devil punish bad people?

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by CM Punk, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. So according to most religion, if you do good things, you'll go to Heaven which is basically paradise. But if you do bad things, you'll basically burn in hell and be tortured. So if you live a clean and religious life, you'll be treated well with God, but if you do terrible stuff and oppose God, you'll be sent to hell.

    What's the story or logic behind this? If the Devil is bad and you're bad, shouldn't you too be best friend's or something? You're both basically opposing God, so doesn't exactly make sense.

    No disrespect intended.

    Also, somewhat similar to the topic but funny. @ 6:54

  2. Yes, it is not the teachings of Jesus. Also,

    Not exactly. There is always forgiveness if you accept it.
  3. This is a question I have spun in my head since I was 15 and developed an interest in religion from a purely philosophical standpoint.

    If the devil truly turned on god, why is he entrusted with punishing the wicked and evil? Wouldn't that duty be entrusted to someone god does trust?
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  4. You punish yourself by opposing God, it's all your own doing.
    If you escape the idea of hell being a burning pit then it makes sense a little more. Heaven is eternal life, hell is difficult to explain. Think of it as a state of mind or a spiritual place.
  5. I may be wrong in some things I say. Still trying to learn both sides better, I think to fully understand your own beliefs, you must also understand the other.
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  6. He doesn't. He's pretty sweet.
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  7. I like Burr's take on God punishing people that he created. Like, if I have a car and it isn't running I'm not going to set it on fire for all of eternity. I'm going to do some troubleshooting. Is there gas in the tank? Is the battery charged? Beyond that, I'm going to need a real man to come and check things out.
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  9. He doesn't. I'm pretty sure that the devil was sent to hell after opposing God and was sent to hell to suffer.
  10. 'The Devil' isn't in h*ll at all.
    The only time he will enter h*'ll is at the judgment.
    At judgment, he will burn in lake of fire.
    Media has told this lie for years.

    A pure genius couldn't prove 'the devil ' is in h*'ll.
  11. "If you do good you go to heaven" : This is religion at its finest. Most people don't even understand the bible. You don't go to heaven for being "good" you go for accepting Christ and repenting your sins. Also, "heaven" is just a temporary place. I like to think of it as becoming "one with the stars" so to speak where your spirit is among the stars which is part of the reasons the universe is ever expanding. Yes that is out there, but it is what I believe. The "Paradise" most people refer to is New Jerusalem which takes place after judgement day when the demons, the devil, satan, ect are all cast to hell forever and earth becomes brand new. In between New Jerusalem and judgment day Jesus returns to take all those who accepted him and repented then all the "trumpets" are blown in order. "Hell on earth" takes place and it is said to last 7 year but even bible scholars can't explain how long this is for certain. These "7 years" or so, everyone who hasn't accepted Christ get a second chance.

    What I am basically getting at is that you don't get punished for being bad, you are getting honored your choice to not accept Christ which means, you will not be part of the new world with eternal life. The "devil" is the one who rewards you for being good. What I mean by good is "good" for evil. Promoting lies, encouraging materialism, discouraging God's existence, and so on.

    This is why it pisses me off so much when people hold up signs saying "you are this" or "you did that" so you are burning in hell. It is not anyone's place to say this. Anyone can repent at any time, thus saying a gay man is going to hell or a murderer is going to hell has no ground. You can be either or and still go to be with God. The whole point of Jesus was because God knew we were screw ups and we would fall short of the glory of God. We are being rewarded eternity by the grace of God, not by good deeds.

    I read a lot and study a lot of belief systems. By definition, there is no such thing as "a good person" only people who do good acts. The definition I am referring to is "morally right". The last person walking the earth to be "good" was Christ. We are all living our lives according to what we believe to be just or right and most people change this with time. Christians become atheists and atheists become Christians which is why it is so important not to judge anyone because no one knows where anyone is on their walk of life.

    TLDR - Don't judge others for what you believe to be "good" or "right". The devil doesn't punish people, he rewards them in order to keep them from accepting Christ. God simply honors your choice to do what you wish like any good parent would. We all fall short and sin which is why we need to do all acts out of love and no matter what I or anyone else believes in, continue to love.

    I am not trying to start an argument or say who is right or wrong here, this is all based on what I have learned from the bible as well as religion. There is nothing I can say that can convince anyone of anything unless they choose to explore it themselves. There is nothing wrong with asking questions and trying to prove something to be wrong. Our best discovers have come from trying to prove something wrong after all.
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  12. One of the GOAT posts I've seen here.
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  13. It is funny because "he doesn't" is the right answer lol
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