Why does the WWE keep doing "Thank You Daniel Bryan" specials?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Mar 29, 2016.

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  1. I swear every other week since he retired they are doing things for him. Is this their way of keeping him happy or something? I don't get it. He retired, I think it is time we all moved on. I'm not even saying that to hate on him, I found him entertaining for his run but I am over it. Either retire and be done with it or be part of the community still as a manager or something.

    Yeah a lot of former wrestlers came back after retiring but it was years after, not weeks. Come on. Get of the goat teet and stop milking this thing WWE, it is getting old.
  2. People like Bryan and they know it. It's just a cheap and easy way to get people to watch their show and buy their shit. Might as well get everything you can from the guy before he leaves the company (if he does decide to do that).
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  3. The one they did last night was the first one they did
  4. The first of many sceduled
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    It seems like he is only going along with it because he wasn't ready to leave. I know people like the dude but do they expect him to keep retiring for different crowds? I get retiring here and doing one in the UK for their fans but beyond that is over kill to me.
  6. They were supposed to do ONE retirement ceremony in MSG which got postponed. Because that is tradition in WWE. If you are a big name that retires, you get a MSG ceremony. It's the WWE equivalent of a team retiring your jersey number.

    All the other stuff has been public appearances for Bryan. Since he is still a brand ambassador for the company. Not "lets cart out Bryan for a retirement speech" but rather "lets send one of our most popular ambassadors since he is good at this stuff". Just because the guy is no longer wrestling, doesn't mean he is just sitting on his ass. He still works for WWE.
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  7. I had no idea after you retire from the wwe, they still keep your soul. Good to know.
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  8. You expect them to just let him go? He didn't stop working for WWE. He retired from in ring competition. There's a pretty distinct difference between the two
  9. Because DB was a huge star and they want ratings?
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  10. Hmm, why would he want out if he didn't want to sign elsewhere, presumably with NJPW/ROH? I thought DB came to a realization that wrestling again is a big no-no.

    Or, the reason he wants out could be because he doesnt wan't to do all the promotional stuff they want him to.
  11. Probably the second one if it's true.
  12. He's still going along with it because he's still an employee. Its not like Bryan calls the shots. Knowing the way Bryan is, I'm sure he thinks its overkill as well.
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  13. Money and viewers.. They'll be coming out with "Thank You Bryan" merchandise soon.
  14. The American Dragon needs to tell them where to stick it lol
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  15. Look at Jeter and Kobe and the amount of money spent to constantly promote it being their retirement year. Bryan is most likely under contract or is owned property and they are cashing in everything they can during WM season. That simple, now is the best time. I'd use the Jay-Z reference but he came back.
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  16. Wwe wants to milk DB to death that's what XD
  17. They're just showing Bryan the utmost respect for his career and what he contributed to the company (especially in light of all the criticisms directed towards them for "burying" him and holding him down and whatnot) and trying to milk every last cent out of his name that they can while he still have him under contract (although Bryan could always end up sticking around in a backstage role as an agent or something.) I'd do the same thing if I were them.
  18. The night RAW aired his farewell special, they had a special about Bryan. This would have been the second one, then the WWE24 show.
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