Why does TNA not offer Kevin Steen a deal he cannot refuse?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. Now, a couple of things. 1.) I absolutely LOVE Steen in ROH and I would have mixed emotions on him potentially leaving. 2.) I'm unsure if TNA has reached to him before or how interested Steen is in going up from the Indies.

    but personally I think Steen could be huge in TNA. I remember a few weeks back we had a thread asking who on the TNA roster could be put in a storyline to help bring TNA to a higher level, and IMO Steen could be that guy. He is a beast in the ring and damn entertaining on the mic.

  2. I adore the guy, I'd actually go as far as saying he's the most complete act in professional wrestling currently. So I'd love to see him in TNA providing he was allowed some creative clause with his character and he was given a slow burn push to the top. I doubt TNA would handle him as well as he should though.
  3. Janice Carter of Panda Energy has been really tight with her pursestrings lately (hence Impact not going on the road), and doesn't want to pay any more than it costs to keep the show alive. Henceforth, they're having trouble paying the people they do have. Plus, the wrestlers checks go through Dixie, then to Pritchard, then the wrestlers. There are too many issues with the pay structure right now.

    The Spike TV deal, the merch sales, and the ticket sales have never been higher. It's a shame that they're having these issues.
  4. TNA is having Financial Problems.
    Not that they already didn't, but they are.
  5. Cut RVD, Flair, and other high priced guys that they rarely use. Not too difficult to figure out TNA you geniuses
  6. Get rid of the two cancers known as Hogan and Bischoff. Improve the product because they won't be there anymore, and save millions. Don't see why they don't.
  7. They'll never get rid of Hogan. Sadly they don't understand why he doesn't help the product.
  8. Hogan, Flair and Eric leaving would open them up to get Steen. Him > All three of them. I agree, Steen could be huge. TNA need to hurry and get him before WWE make a move.
  9. I really don't want Steen in WWE, and as I said in the OP I'm not so sure I want him in TNA either, because he is so damn good in ROH. But from WWE or TNA's perspective, wtf are they doing dicking around? Sign his ass up
  10. It's more shocking that WWE haven't though since they're stupidly rich. Like tag-teams, RoH has some pretty talented tag-teams. In my opinion WWE is slowly drifting away from the over-PG crap we've had recently, especially in 2009. It's becoming slightly more edgy, still PG ofc, but pushing the boundaries. I trust TNA less than I trust WWE to make a star out of Steen at the moment, brutally honest and TNA marks will hate me but it's true.
  11. WWE won't use him right... Sorry but I have no faith in that company at all right now, even after a pretty good Raw.

    Hogan in the ME got the second worst rating of the night, only Garett Bischoff can get people to turn away faster, brother. Even fucking Mexican America draws more ratings than Hulk Hogan.
  12. I have little faith in WWE but they have made good use out of new debut stars in recent years. They're epic at building up a debut, making it talked about world wide, like Jericho's. I have little faith in both to be honest and it's probably best for him to stick with RoH until one company sorts themselves out.
  13. From Steen's POV I totally agree he should stick to ROH
    From a fans POV I totally agree he should stick to ROH

    it just baffles me that from WWE/TNA's POV they haven't done everything in their power to snatch up such a ridiculously talented & YOUNG guy

    oh and Crayo, I just can't see WWE doing him right. He'd be shipped to FCW, renamed Buster Hafferty, his move set dumbed down to nothing, and debuted with no gimmick and no balls. Yuck
  14. Fair enough, but Steen's personality would just be so watered down in WWE... TNA may try to build him up, but what would he be doing over there? Form a random tag team with Crimson?

    As for you, D'Z, there's no way to answer that question without an amazing dose of sarcasm. In other words, you're right.
  15. TNA could easily do Steen right if they wanted. Just have him debut as an outsider, say TNA is a joke, the product is crap, and he's here to take it down. More or less like he's doing with ROH at the moment.
  16. Lol'd very hard. If WWE is changing like I think/hope Steen could become a megastar. But you're right, his moveset would be watered down which isn't good as he's one of the best wrestlers in the world. Especially for his size.

    True, but where would it end? Who would overcome him? How would he not look like crap? If he done that exact same thing with WWE, destroyed Punk for example for being a poor version of a RoH star or something, it'd be great. Eventually Punk goes over, both stars look good.
  17. I guess so, but I don't see WWE being too willing to hot shot Steen towards the top. In TNA Steen could interrupt a Hulk Hogan the Face GM Promo, tell him he has run TNA into the ground, beat him into a bloody mess, and just run wild on TNA from there.
  18. In a dream world that'd be great. But we know that won't happen brother!

    But your point does remain, why aren't both companies offering him the world? World stars like Rock have already shown their admiration for Steen.
  19. Surely someday Hogan/TNA will realize that he has to put someone over right? Right?!?!? RIGHT?!?!?!?1?!?!?
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